Alien Invasion Slots

Fight off the impending alien invasion while trying to win riches at the same time in Alien Invasion, an online classic slot game. This slot game is known for its vivid graphics, it’s straightforward setup and it’s simplicity overall. It comes with plenty of controls and looks really nice, but is it the right slot game for you? Read on to find out.

Classic Wagering Setup

Alien Invasion relies on a pretty standard wager configuration for classic slots today. Players are free to bet between one and three coins on the only available central pay line. These coins can be adjusted to between $0.01 and $10.00 in value. This gives gamblers a wide range of bet amounts to choose from, and makes it possible to wager as much as $30.00 per spin for some pretty decent wins with enough luck. It’s best to wager with three coins all the time while playing this slot game, because the blaster symbol payout is increased dramatically for three coins compared to two or one.

The Laser Blaster Top Payout

The laser blaster symbol is by far the most valuable in this slot game and is the key to unlocking the best prize payouts. Get three of these symbols for 2,000 coins. The laser blaster is also the wild and will double any other prize that it helps create. The second best prize comes from the space ship with up to 300 coins if you get three of them while wagering 3 coins.

Using Stop Spin

Alien Invasion, like many other classic slot games, comes with a Stop Spin button. This button will stop the reels just after their current position. By pressing the button at the right time it’s possible to quickly unlock high paying prizes. Use this button to add a bit more skill to the slot game, though the results are still very random.

Auto Spin

One very nice feature of this classic slot is the Auto Play button. This button will tell the game to spin the reels between 5 and 500 times without stopping except under certain conditions. The game can keep spinning until you hit a jackpot of a specified amount of coins. Choose carefully and get it all set up and you can have the slot play for you even when you aren’t in front of the screen.

Alien Invasion is a really nice looking classic slot game without any of the special features that some others offer. It’s basic to the core, and that’s perfect for select gamblers. If you’re after an authentic classic slot experience, there aren’t any other slots that will do it for you better than this one. Sure there’s a quirky theme to the game, but there aren’t any bonuses, just straight payouts.