Livin' the Life Slots

Livin’ the Life Slots is a huge game, which adopts an adventurous theme of a posh lifestyle that takes you through giant mansions, hot air balloon trips, exotic beaches, expensive cars with girls inside, casino entertainment and much more. The background of the reels depicts a big mansion during the night, the type of which you will be much closer to having the chance of buying after a successful run at this slot. The game features 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 paylines. Coin sizes start at 1 cent and can go as high as 5 dollars. Provided that all of the paylines are active, that makes for a maximum possible bet of 200 dollars and a minimum of 40 cents. The game offers numerous profitable symbols and several awesome bonus features.

A Paytable to Live By

The paytable of the game is awesomely designed. Every symbol’s info is provided in the form of a newspaper article - the type of entertainment a rich person would always have in his hand while taking a long-undeserved break during a lavish holiday. The scatter symbol is a gorgeous red-head lady checking herself out in the mirror, dressed in red and wearing a big green jewel and it pays with multipliers on the total bet delivering 2 times it for 2 symbols. Otherwise the symbol that delivers the highest fixed payouts is the one depicting a meditating rich guy with a white shirt and black tie, who is sitting in full harmony upon a giant pile of dollar stashes with a beaming sun, illuminating his background-a truly spiritually powerful sight for any billionaire. The symbol provides 10 coins for 2 symbols, 100 coins for 3 symbols, 500 coins for 4 symbols and 1000 coins for 5 symbols. The opened vault containing countless gold stashes gives 5 coins for 2 symbols, 50 coins for 3 symbols, 200 coins for 4 symbols and 750 coins for 5 symbols. The symbol depicting the same red-headed lady that is seen in the scatter leaning on an expensive looking red car pays 2 coins for 2 symbols, 25 coins for 3 symbols, 100 coins for 4 symbols and 300 coins for 5 symbols. The rich guy with the white shirt and the black tie’s second symbol shows him in a hot air balloon over the sea, having spread his hand in a pose of complete happiness. That symbol pays 1 coins for 2 symbols, 15 coins for 3 symbols, 50 coins for 4 symbols and 250 coins for 5 symbols. The rest of the symbols feature just 3 winning combinations from 3 to 5 matching symbols. The symbol showing a plumpy guy, who is wearing a Hawaian shirt and a straw hat and is holding up a cocktail while leaning on his lounge on the background of a gorgeous beach with palm trees and a teal colored sea with a boat floating in it pays 5, 20 and 120 coins. The third symbol with the participation of the happy guy with the white shirt and the black tie has placed in him in the middle of a casino, where he is triumphantly throwing the red dices alongside the gorgeous red-head woman. It provides gamblers with 4, 15 and 80 coins. Speaking of the red-head lady, she has one last symbol of her own, in which she is more beautiful than ever and she is performing a song under the moody stage lights and it pays 3, 10 and 50 coins. The symbol showing a golf course with a lake located in the vicinity of a gorgeous mountainous landscape pays 3, 5 and 40 coins.

Livin’ the Features

The scatter can make an appearance only on the second and the fourth reel. There are two other symbols also, which don’t offer payouts but are responsible for the activation for different bonus features. 3 of the Money Wheel symbol on the first, the third and the fifth reel will activate the Money Wheel feature. 3 of the Bonus Wheel symbol on those same 3 reels will activate the Bonus wheel feature. The Bonus Wheel feature can offer the player the chance to play the Money Wheel Bonus or the so-called Power Up Bonus, which deliver free spins and cash prizes. The Money Wheel feature offer multipliers on the total wager and they can reach up to 1000 times. The Power Up bonus feature plays out in a Who Want to be a Millionaire-type of game format. The maximum prize of the feature will be shown on the screen, as answers of the “question”. The player will need to pick A, B, C or D in order to reveal the award. The player will be able to keep the initially chosen prize or try to get his or her hands on another but be warned that a single wrong choice will bring the acquired earnings out of this particular feature down to 0.

Livin’ the Life Slots is one of the biggest slot games you are likely to come across nowadays, even with all the new titles being released. It has a spectacular visual design, well-paying symbols, despite the lack of a wild and 3 original and extremely profitable bonus features.