Coral Reef Slots

Coral Reef is an older classic slot game with beautiful graphics, iconic symbols and a pretty unique payline structure. It’s the type of slot that you’ll understand immediately, and also a slot that some gamblers find to be really enjoyable while others hate it. Read on to learn what we thought about the slot and what we learned through a playthrough with the game.

Placing a Wager

Coral Reef has a total of 4 paylines available to bet on, giving you a max bet of 4 coins overall. Each of those coins can be set to $0.01 at the lowest and $10.00 at the highest. That means that players are free to wager as little as $0.01 if they want to preserve their bankroll, and as much as $40.00 if they are interested in winning the largest prizes paid out by this game. The maximum wager of $40.00 is high for classic slots, but low for high rollers looking to bet big.

Decent Top Payouts

Coral Reef isn’t the type of slot game where you’re going to get filthy rich off of one spin. Instead it’s a slot that focuses on paying out decent prizes over several different spins. It’s possible to get as much as 2,000 coins off a single spin. Get three octopus symbols or 3 coral reef symbols on the fourth payline of this slot and you’ll unlock the top jackpot of 2,000 coins. It’s possible to win 1,000 coins several other ways as well, giving you plenty of opportunities to win big with standard reel turns in this classic slot game.

Autoplay Mode

Coral Reef comes with an advanced autoplay feature set that makes it easy for you to turn the reels without actually spending the time to do it yourself. Set the game to auto spin between 5 and 500 times depending on how much you want to wager. You can also set stopping points for the feature to shut off after winning certain sized jackpots. Set it all up the way that you like and it’s simple to keep the reels turning without even paying attention to what is going on.

A Unique Classic Slot

Coral Reef is a pretty unique classic slot game, though it doesn’t pack in many features at all. The four different pay lines help keep things interesting and will give you more ways than you expected to win prizes. With every turn you’ll begin to realize when you have high paying wins and lower paying wins, and those paylines make a difference. Win on the right lines for bigger prizes and the others for small prizes.

Coral Reef is a really nice looking classic slot with clean graphics, a simple pay table that shows exactly what you need to win the game, and a good solid auto spin feature. There aren’t a bunch of flashy features, and there aren’t any bonuses either, but for some gamblers that’s a welcome change. Slots don’t have to be complicated to be fun, and you’ll realize that the first time you give this one a try. It’s a bit slower paced, but still entertaining.