Lincoln Casino Promotions

Lincoln Casino offers some tantalizing bonuses to players, both new and established, to bring them in and to keep them coming back. These promotions are easy to understand, and even easier to claim. Should you have any difficulty in claiming them, just contact the always-available help line either by phone or by instant chat and the friendly casino experts there will give you a hand.

$5000 New Player Welcome Bonus Coupons

For new players Lincoln Casino offers a very special treat. If you purchase $45 or more in credits, Lincoln will match your deposit 100%. Better still, the matching is good on an initial deposit of up to $1000. And best of all, they don't do it on only the first deposit, but on the first five-so you deposit $5000, and you get $5000, it's that simple.

Lincoln Rewards

Lincoln Casino has created a multi-tiered loyalty program that provides generous perks to returning players at every level of play. Membership is free and players start earning comp points immediately. As you play more, you automatically progress through the six levels of the rewards program, accumulating comp points at an increasing rate as you go. Your current comp point balance is always displayed in the casino client lobby and you may redeem your comp points for bonus credits at any time just by visiting the cashier.

Comp Points

Players acquire comp points every time they wager money from their play accounts. As they become more regular return players and climb the rungs of the Lincoln Rewards ladder, they gain comp points at increasingly higher rates. These comp points can be saved up as long as you like, or they may be cashed in for credits with which to play. Unlike most online casinos that only award comp points for slot play, Lincoln Casino give them for any casino play, so the Blackjack and Roulette fans will not be left out of this great program.


In addition to the standard promotions that are always going on at Lincoln, they offer coupons that change seasonally. Check back often and keep an eye out for the current coupon promotions. These promotions vary, and they may include extra deposit matching or special game play bonuses.

Take Advantage of the Lincoln Casino Bonuses Now!

With such a stellar collection of bonus programs there is no reason not to visit Lincoln Casino immediately and take full advantage of them. If you have any questions about any of the bonuses be sure to contact Lincoln's friendly help staff via chat or telephone, and they will be pleased to assist you in claiming your bonuses.