Tournaments at Lincoln Casino

For fans of slot games, as well as other online casino games, the best way to up the excitement factor of an already thrilling pastime is to play favorite games in a tournament setting, and Lincoln Casino offers plenty of opportunities to do just that!

Types of Tournaments

For fans of slot games, as well as other online casino games, the best way to up the excitement factor of an already thrilling pastime is to play favorite games in a tournament setting, and Lincoln Casino offers plenty of opportunities to do just that!

Types of Tournaments

Lincoln provides tournament players with three tournament set-ups: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Each tournament has its own start and end times and buy-in amount, so be sure to check the tournament page every time you log in to see if there is something that is perfect for you. Daily Tournaments-The Daily Tournaments are short, they use a wide variety of games from the most basic slots to the high-tech bonus games, and they are inexpensive. Lincoln Casino always runs several freeroll tournaments in the Daily Tournament area that have small, fixed prize pools. In addition, there are a number of $2 buy-in tournaments that can mount a pretty generous pot at the end.

Weekly Tournaments-These are focused more on video poker games. Again, the typical buy-in amount is $2. Some of these have fixed prize pools guaranteed by the casino, and others award the total buy-in as the prize pool.

Monthly Tournaments-There are fewer of these, but they are well worth playing. The buy-in amount is typically $5, and the prize pool is either fixed, guaranteed by the casino, or is the total buy-in, variable by how many participants there are. These tournaments can result in some very generous prizes at the end of the play period!

Rules of the Game

When playing tournaments, whether they are slot, table, or card game based, there are a few things that players should be aware of:

1) The Stake-Players buy in to the tournament for a fixed price that may be as little as free or $2, and is rarely more than $5. This buy-in amount is over and above what is used for game-play. Players need to plan for their playing stake-an amount of money sufficient to play for the period of the tournament. Tournament play is dependent upon racking up the highest score in the time allotted, so it is imperative to have a stake sufficient to play the full period. For half-hour slot game tournaments, that is generally not a problem, but if you are signing up for a week of Pai Gow, it may take some budgeting. 2) The Time-Tournaments all have fixed start and end times. It is important to know these times because your play on the specified game does not count towards tournament points until the official start. More importantly, if you hit the big jackpot half a second after the tournament's end time, that is too bad! You still get your game winnings, of course, but the big pot will not count towards your tournament play. 3) Account-Players may only use one account number with which to enter tournaments. One account number allows one entry. Multiple entries by a single player using multiple accounts will result in a forfeit of tournament winnings and all of that player's accounts will be blocked.

Beyond that, tournament play is a simply fantastic way to up the fun quotient on your favorite games! If you are an old hand at tournament play, Lincoln provides plenty of opportunity to indulge your passion, and if you are new to it, there is no better place to start than Lincoln Casino.

Tournaments at the Lincoln Casino

For many players tournaments are more exciting that regular game play. When joining a tournament, the player gets to play the chosen game in real money mode and enjoy all of the features of the game but not actually claim any of the winnings. The progress of the game is charted and at the end of the tournament session, the most successful player will win the tournament. There are two types of tournaments offered at the Lincoln Casino. The sit and go tournament does not require any preregistration, players pay a small entry fee where required and can join in with a tournament as it is happening. The scheduled tournaments require a little more planning and players put their name down to join one of these tournaments and will receive a reminder when it is about to start.

City of Gold Slots

The casino chooses many different casino games to feature in tournaments, most are slots. There are slots games with three reels and single paylines such as the City of Gold Slots game. Entering this tournament costs $3 and the winner at the end of the tournament period receives a percentage of the pot, which also means that players who come in second and third in performance will also receive a percentage of the winnings. The City of Gold is a very simple game with three reels and one payline, all the winning payouts are detailed on the screen, although in the tournament, the player does not receive any payouts just points. There is a wild symbol, the gold bowl filled with treats and players can place one or two coins per bet.

Lucky Beans Slots

Lucky Beans Slots is an example of a tournament game that is free to join. The prize for this game is given by the casino and again depending on the ranking of the contestant at the end of the tournament period, a percentage of the prize is awarded. Lucky Beans slots is a five-reel game with thirty paylines. This game tells the story of Jack and the Beanstalk with a wild Jack and random cash and random multiplier awards being given out in the base game. Players win free spins when landing the scatter symbol on reels 2 and 4 and during the base game and free spins, players collect beans. When the player has earned 200 beans or more, he is treated to the multi-level bean bonus game during which he wins cash payouts at each level. All of these tournaments give the player a chance to try his luck at the slots game and win a set amount rather than losing lots of money or winning lots when playing on his own. The tournaments offered the player a perfect way to get to know a casino game without spending a lot of money.

Birds of Paradise Slots

Another tournament slots that has an entry fee of $3 is the Birds of Paradise Slots game. This is a video slots game with five reels and twenty-five paylines. Players can win free spins when landing three or more of the egg scatters and there is also a wild symbol, the orange bird that substitutes for other symbols in the game and helps to complete winning payouts. Three and more of the scatter's triggers 20 free spins during which all winnings are doubled. The player works his way through this game when playing it in the tournament and can also win a percentage of the pot at the end of the tournament. the tournament runs for 24 hours.