Crazy Cat Lady Slots

Rarely have we come across a slot game with a title as entertaining as that. It gives you a sense of what to expect right at the start before you even complete loading the game. We are going to take you way beyond that loading screen though, so settle in and prepare for a journey to meet Oskar, Sam, Max, and Tiger…

Who is the developer?

The game comes from Wager Gaming Technology, so that gives it a superb pedigree right from the start.

Can you access a demo game?

It doesn’t appear you can, no. We visited a leading online casino to check it out and received a message saying we couldn’t get demo access. This could be because the slot comes with a progressive jackpot. These are the most likely slots to do away with a demo.

You can work out the theme, we’re sure…

With tons of cats around and the lady herself appearing too, you can work out how the title was thought up!

A fresh and relevant design

It looks like we’re on a suburban street here, with one of the properties belonging to the cat lady, we guess. There are plenty of cats around and relevant symbols appearing on the reels too.

How to play the Crazy Cat Lady slot game

We know about the progressive jackpot, so let’s move on to see what else is in store. Firstly, the usual five-reel, three-row format is in action in this game, so that is reassuring to see. The loading screen reveals two important symbols to look for as you spin those reels. The first one is a cat with yellow eyes, marked as the free spins symbol. The second is a grumpy-looking cat marked as the bonus symbol. The crazy lady herself appears on the reels too.

How many paylines can you play on?

Would you believe there are 100 of them in this game?

What about coin values to bet with?

As with most Wager Gaming titles, there are plenty of coins to sort through before you get underway with your betting. You can choose coins ranging from a penny to 25 cents apiece.

Don’t miss the paytable

Since there are some neat features involved in this game, it makes sense to check out the paytable before you spin. Look at the various icons to see where the prize potential lies.

Watch for the bonus Cat in the Box jackpot round

Since there is a jackpot in this round, you can bet it’s going to be tough to reach. It looks like you need five of those bonus cats to get there, too. The loading screen tells us that if we reach it, we’re guaranteed to win a prize relating to one of four cats – Tiger, Oskar, Max, or Sam. Which one might it be and how much would that prize be worth, we wonder?

Are there any free spins along the way?

Yes, you’ll need three of the free spin cats to earn your way through to this round, where 10 free games await your presence. The loading screen tells us there is a Win an Entry award too, so we wonder what that involves. Details are still a little sketchy for this slot right now, so we’ll let you know if we manage to trigger it.

What about the RTP value?

We don’t have information on this, but we’ll update you if it becomes available. Progressive jackpot slots often have a slightly lower return to player percentage when the jackpot is accounted for, so that could be true here as well.

Our rating for the Crazy Cat Lady slot game

This is a superb slot based on a theme we don’t think we’ve seen before. That is quite an achievement, choosing a new theme. With the free spins, the theme, and the jackpot bonus potential, it earns a solid 8.5 out of 10 points from our team.

Stay tuned for some jackpot winners

We don’t know how long it might be before someone nets a jackpot playing this game. We can tell you that we’ll share news of that event right here when it happens.

Remember that you can’t play for practice purposes

This means you need to be certain you’re happy to try the minimum wager for the game before you play it. That said, you could still load it and look around to see what you think. The paytable does give you a lot of info and an idea of whether you can find some appeal in this game.

Play for real – and for a chance at a jackpot

This is one of several progressive jackpot titles in Wager Gaming Technology’s collection. Is it going to be the one you prefer to play?

Mobile access also supplied

You can visit the Crazy Cat Lady on Android and iOS if you want to, rather than playing on a computer or laptop. Try it and see if you prefer it.