Island Hoppers Slots

Island Hoppers is a flight focused slot game that shows off a beautiful backdrop and crisp clear symbols that look really nice. This classic slot game is a good fit for people interested in aviation and it packs in some decent features and prizes as well. If you're interested in classic slot games, you might enjoy what this one has to offer. We took some time to try out Island Hoppers to see how the nice looking slot really plays, and you can find out about the experience down below.

Basic Symbols

The one thing we noticed first about Island Hoppers is that the symbols are really basic. They essentially include one plane, an aviation symbol, and two different kinds of BAR symbols. That's all there is to it. Sure there are a few different configurations of the BAR symbols that pay differently, but they pretty much look the same while doing it. This takes away from the excitement of the game once you grow used to the small number of symbols that are available. It doesn't kill the game though, just makes it seem a bit simplistic.

Winning Big

The Aviation Symbol is the most important symbol in the game and it leads to the biggest prize payouts overall. No matter how many coins you are betting, you'll win the most when you get three of these symbols on the reels. For three of the symbols you can unlock between 1,000 and 2,000 coins depending on how many coins you are betting. That's a huge prize payout, and it could be worth as much as $20,000 if you have your coin values set to the highest level.

Wagering is Easy

In Island Hoppers wagering is really easy to set up and to adjust. You can bet one to three coins on your only payline, and you can turn the value of those coins up or down. That's all there is to setting up your wager value. If you need to spend less, lower the number of coins or the value of your coins. If you want to bet higher raise both of those values. You can bet up to $10 per coin, or as little as $0.01 per coin. That means you can bet $0.01 to $30.00 per spin.

Island Hoppers doesn't offer special features, and it has a small number of symbols. Those are really our only complaints with this classic slot game though. If you don't mind playing a classic slot and gambling without all the fancy features, Island Hoppers is charming and enjoyable overall.