Malt Shop Memories Slots

Take a trip back in time to the 1950’s when milk shakes, roller skating waitresses and hanging out with friends and drive in eateries was the thing to do with Malt Shop Memories the online slot game. This classic slot has just three reels and a single payline, and it offers a range of ways to win prizes. Serious gamblers and new gamblers alike can both take something from the slot, but read on to learn if it’s worth playing or not.

Wagering in Malt Shop Memories

With only a single pay line available there isn’t a whole lot of room for variable wagering in Malt Shop Memories. Gamblers can choose to bet between one and three coins on that payline, and must set the coin value before moving ahead any further. Coin values can be set to a low amount of $0.01 or a high amount of $10.00 or somewhere in between. Gamblers are encouraged to choose a wager level they are comfortable with, but can risk between $0.01 and $30.00 per spin.

Classic Gameplay

Malt Shop Memories is a standard classic slot game in the truest sense of the word. It doesn’t pack in many special features other than wilds, and to win prizes you’ll need to get winning combinations on the only available payline. Any prize payouts combined with wilds are doubled in size, other than the wilds themselves.

Winning the Top Jackpot

Malt Milk Shakes are the most valuable symbol in this slot game and they must be leveraged very carefully to make the most of them. These symbols are powerful wilds that will double prizes they are part of, but they are also the key to the largest jackpot in the game. Get three of them on the payline, and win between 500 and 2,000 coins, depending on the number of coins you have wagered. This is the biggest prize payout that you can get from this slot game.

Using the Advanced Features

Malt Shop Memories comes equipped with two different advanced features. It comes with a Stop Spin button and an autoplay button. Use the Stop Spin to freeze the reels in place to try and lock down the top paying prizes whenever possible. Use the autoPlay button to get the reels spinning and to avoid having to hit spin every single time that you want to spin the reels. It comes with advanced features and can be set for a specific number of spins, or to shut off after winning a jackpot.

Malt Shop Memories doesn’t offer massive prize payouts, though a top jackpot of 2,000 coins or up to $20,000 is hardly a small prize, but it is a good solid slot that’s known for producing regular wins for gamblers. Anyone that’s a fan of the 1950’s and that’s after a bit of nostalgia is sure to enjoy what this slot has to offer. Otherwise, it should only be played by gamblers that truly enjoy standard classic slot games.