Marvelous Marlins Slots

To some people there’s nothing more relaxing than a day out on the open ocean deep sea fishing. That’s exactly what Marvelous Marlins tries to capture in the online slot game. This classic slot focuses on Marlin fishing specifically and it looks like a lot of fun if you ask us. Below is our in-depth review of this online slot game and all that it has to offer. If you’re a fan of classic slots you should give it a look.

A Unique Wagering System

Marvelous Marlins is a unique slot game thanks to its wagering system. There are a total of three paylines that help create a more complex payout system, but you don’t wager on the lines separately. Instead you place a wager on your spin itself. You can wager between one and five coins per spin, and all those coins will reward you with decent payouts no matter which of the three lines that you get prizes on. It’s actually pretty simple compared to the standard system where you need to place coins on any payline that you want active.

You can bet as little as $0.01 per coin and as much as $10.00. That means you can risk between $0.01 and $50.00 per spin of this online slot game, which isn’t half bad if you ask us. That’s a good range for most players to work in, so pick the spot that you’re most comfortable with and stick there.

Trying to Win Big

In Marvelous Marlins your goal is always to get Marlins on any of your three paylines. You need just a single Marlin on any of your paylines in order to trigger a payout. The number of coins that you have wagered, as well as the position that the Marlins show up on determines how many coins you’ll receive from a win. The top payline pays out 9 coins per Marlin per coin wagered for up to 45 coins per Marlin that lands there. The middle payline offers 3 coins per Marlin per coin wagered, for up to 15 coins per Marlin that lands there. The bottom line offers one coin per Marlin per coin wagered, for up to 5 coins with a maximum wager.

Using the Autoplay Feature

There’s a pretty straightforward autoplay feature in this slot game, making it possible to turn the reels without having to press the spin button over and over again. You can choose between 5 and 500 spins and set the feature to turn off after getting a big win. The big win stop feature can be configured to trigger for $50, to $250 depending on the amount that you consider is big.

Marvelous Marlins is a pretty cool classic slot game that just feels different than most other online slots. It’s exciting that you get paid for every individual symbol that shows, and you’ll stop looking for combos and start focusing on each fish that you see, which feels pretty good.