Naughty Ninjas Slots

This slot game allows you to descend into a dangerous and dark world, inhabited by powerful warriors, ninjas and fighters of all kinds, who are tasked with destroying terrible beasts. The background of the reels depicts two of them on each side of the reels and way above, the tall buildings of a big city are visible. It is night time and the lights from the windows very eerily mingle with the lights of the countless stars across the sky. The game has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. Coin sizes start at 1 cent and can go as high as 10 dollars. That makes the maximum possible bet for a single spin 250 dollars.

The Naughty Adventure

The best paying symbol on the paytable is the wild Bubbles. Bubbles is a female swordfighter with big beautiful eyes, big earrings, long dark hair and a red strap around her head. Most importantly though, she carries a long, thin sword in her hands. She pays 5 coins for 2 symbols, 150 coins for 3 symbols, 750 coins for 4 symbols and the game's top prize of 2000 coins for 5 symbols. The next symbol on the paytable is another warrior with big eyes and a headband but this time its colour is green and the character is more than likely a boy. He is wearing a dark violet tunic and his long dark hair is flying back. He pays 3 coins for 2 symbols, 50 coins for 3 symbols, 400 coins for 4 symbols and 1000 coins for 5 symbols. The next symbol is a creature that looks like it is coming straight from hell. It is an octopus-like, brownish-red thing with giant tentacles and an alien-like face with big green eyes. This is probably the first creature which the main characters need to kill (all due respect to scary alien octopus-like monsters and their entire kind). This symbol pays 2 coins for 2 symbols, 25 coins for 3 symbols, 175 coins for 4 symbols and 500 coins for 5 symbols. The vicious aliens don't stop there. Next up, we have a purple lizard-looking monster with big red eyes, which pays 2 coins for 2 symbols, 20 coins for 3 symbols, 50 coins for 4 symbols and 200 coins for 5 symbols. The ugliest one of them all, however, is the green cyclops, whose gigantic eye takes the whole of its face, really. It is the first of the remaining 7 symbols, who have just 3 winning combinations from 3 to 5 matching symbols and pays 20 coins, 50 coins and 200 coins. The usual card symbols rest at the bottom of the paytable. The Ace and the King pay 10, 25 and 150 coins. The Queen and the Jack deliver 5, 20 and 125 coins. The 10 and the 9 give 4, 10 and 100 coins. Bubbles has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to form potential winning combinations and the only irreplaceable symbol is the Ninja Star. When the scatter shows up anywhere on the third reel, the special re-spin Feature will be started. Upon activation, the Ninja Star will spread across the 3 positions of the third reel and all the other reels will be spun. During the free spins the Ninja Star will be able to replace the rest of the symbols in the game including the wild Bubbles.

Join the adventure of these brave gambling warriors and help them destroy all the ugly monsters so that you can claim all the great prizes from the excellent payouts of the symbols and the versatile bonus game.