Prosperous Bloom Slots

Some slots set themselves apart with beautiful graphics that you cannot take your eyes off. Prosperous Bloom is one such slot, offering Chinese lettering in a calligraphy style, along with various blooms to make things look even more engaging. The whole thing looks like a watercolor painting, which is certainly unusual in the world of slots. Let’s see what else we might find out about it here.

A blooming theme that really does blossom

Dragon Gaming has clearly had a wonderful time designing this one. The detailed flowers in pink, orange, and green really do jump out. There may not be any 3D elements here, but honestly, it doesn’t need them.

How to play the Prosperous Bloom slot game

This is a standard five-reel game, offering 15 symbols per spin. There are no wilds or scatters here, but don’t worry because the game is based on a different type of activity. We’re going through the seasons with changing floral delights, as you’ll see when you progress through our review below.

How many lines and how much does it cost to play?

You can find the coin values underneath the reels, offering anything from a penny to $5 on each of the nine fixed paylines in play.

Four seasons to play in and other features too

The game begins in the summer season, and you must find a winning combo of flowers to change to the next season. This means you can cycle through spring, summer, autumn, and winter as shown in the paytable. The flowers to look for are chrysanthemums, orchids, bamboo, and plums. Each one also triggers a different multiplier, going from a maximum of 5x for the summer season to a huge maximum of 100x for the spring season.

The game also has a respin feature, unlocked whenever the same flower appears on the first and fifth reels. Identical flowers are locked while other positions spin again, to see if new matching flowers appear.

Will you check out the Prosperous Bloom slot game today?

You should if you’re in the mood for something totally different, because this slot game really doesn’t look like anything else we have ever seen. Get ready to have some action and to enjoy cycling through the four seasons of the year. You’ll soon find yourself looking for lots of flowers to appear, so you can see whether you’re able to take advantage of those multipliers.