Red White and Win Slots

Red White and Win is a pretty simple classic slot game with a big feature that’s going to excite many gamblers taking a look at it. This slot sports a massive progressive jackpot payout that doesn’t seem all that difficult to unlock. If you’re interested in trying out a slot that will make you feel patriotic about America, and you want a chance to win some serious cash, Red White and Win could be a good fit. Read on to see our take on this slot game.

Minimal Betting Options

Classic slot games aren’t known for their betting options, but Red, White and Win is particularly limiting in the options that it gives players to work with. From the moment that you begin playing through this slot game, you’ll have the option of betting one to three coins. You can go from a pretty minimal bet amount, up to a limited maximum of just $2.50 per coin. That’s not much to work with at all for high rollers and most will be disappointed with a top bet of just $7.50 to work with. If you don’t want to wager more than that amount, this limit won’t affect you.

Winning Big

The progressive jackpot feature in Red, White and Win is a huge feature that’s going to draw players in from all over the world. This massive prize can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, and has even been close to $1 Million a few times. If you’re trying to win big you only have to do a few things in order to do so. The first is to wager the maximum amount, and the second is the bet the maximum number of coins. If you do those two things you have a shot at winning the full jackpot. It’s just not worth it playing this slot game with any less than three coins, because you’ll only receive a small portion of the full progressive jackpot if you manage to win.

The Top Standard Prize

If you aren’t counting on the progressive jackpot to trigger, you still have some decent prizes to try for. The best fixed jackpot that you can get is up to 1,500 coins from the Statue of Liberty symbols. Get three of them on the payline and you’ll unlock this top bet. After that symbol is the Bald Eagle for a chance to unlock up to 750 coins. From there prizes get much smaller and more limited, but there are three more symbols that all offer over 100 coins when you’re gambling with three coins yourself.

No Auto Spin

We were surprised to see that Red, White and Win doesn’t come with an auto spin feature. That means, gamblers that like to set the game and let it run won’t want to come anywhere near this slot. You need to press the spin button every single time when playing it, which can seem like a lot of work if you are used to auto spinning.

Red, White and Win is a patriotic game that’s pretty nice looking. It uses mostly custom symbols, and even the standard BAR and 7 are themed with a red, white and blue color scheme that makes them stand out nicely.

If you’re a gambler that enjoys classic slot games, and wants to win big, Red, White and Win could be a good fit for you. Otherwise you may find it a bit dull or limiting in design.