The Right Prize Slots

The Right Prize Slots is an online game that pays homage to all those online television game shows, which feature an audience, a couple of players engaged in a contest with each other and big rewards (within the theme of the slot) including big yacht trips and gigantic nautical cruise ship adventures. The reels and their background resembles a similarly styled electronically-looking playground. The Right Prize has 5 reels with 3 rows and 25 paylines. Coin sizes vary between 1 cent and 10 dollars, which makes the smallest possible total bet for a single spin 25 cents and the biggest possible one-250 dollars.

The Right Prize Payouts

The wild of the game is a logo symbol with the title in it and it also happens to be the highest paying symbol. As a wild, the Right Prize logo symbol can replace the rest of the symbols in the game with the notable exception of the scatter Door symbol as well as the bonus Spinning Wheel symbol. Other than that there are 10 more symbols on the paytable, all of which deliver payouts of their own, which makes the total symbols that have winning combinations 12 (including the wild and the scatter). The wild logo symbol has 4 winning combination from 2 to 5 matching symbols and pays 20, 200, 2000 and the game’s top prize of 10 000 coins respectively. The scatter has the smallest payouts in the paytable even though it still has 4 winning combinations and they pay 2, 5, 25 and 100 coins. The Yacht symbol pays 3, 40, 200 and 100 coins for its combinations. The red car symbol delivers 2, 30, 150 and 500 coins for 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols. The last symbol in the game that has 4 combinations is the Cruise Ship and it pays 2, 20, 100 and 400 coins. All the other symbols have just three winning combinations, starting with the Host symbol, which pays 15, 80 and 300 coins. Next up is a symbol, depicting a couple of lovely female assistants. They will provide gamblers with payouts, which are equal to those of the Host. There is a Turbo Wax symbol which will grant the same amounts that are given by the Players symbol and they are 10, 50 and 200 coins. The bottom three symbols-the Audience one, the list with a “name” sign on it one and the one with a girl with a black T-shirt and hearts on the background, all pay the same values-5, 25 and 100 coins.

The Right Prize Features

There are two bonus features in The Right Prize Slots and they get activated by the scatter Door (the free spins round) and the bonus Spinning Wheel symbol (main bonus game). In order for the free spins to be activated, the player needs to land at least 3 scatters on the reels and in return he or she will be awarded with 10 free spins. That number of 10 can increase during the free spins themselves. Everything that is won throughout the free spins will be treated with a multiplier of 3, with the exception of earnings made through the bonus round and the number of additional free spins that get awarded. The main bonus game can be started when 3 bonus symbols appear on the reels. That bonus can give one of four awards: the Pick a Prize one, Chip Drop one, the Spin to Win one or the Right Prize one. With the Right Prize one, players will need to choose between three doors and the possible awards are a Car, a Boat or a Vacation and each of those stands for a certain amount. The player will have the ability to trade the initially received Prize for one of the other two. The Spin to Win involves a wheel that gets spun three times by a beautiful lady. The wheel will then point a number, which will be multiplied and an award will be granted for each of the three spins. The Chip Drop part will present the gambler with a board where a chip will have to be dropped and then a reward will be granted. The player will be able to trade that for another reward. The Pick a Prize section of the main bonus game involves choosing one out of 10 prizes that are placed on shelves. The exact amount of the prize will be revealed once it is selected and again, you will be able to trade it if you have a feeling you will get lucky the second time.

The Right Prize Slots exceeds expectations with its terrific bonus feature and the big payouts of its many profitable symbols and definitely puts you in a playful mood through its atmosphere and constant opportunities to fool around with your luck and win some more money.