VIP Points

Lincoln Casino offers endless bonuses and rewards to its players that start with the welcome offer and continue throughout play at the casino. As soon as the player has made his initial deposit of at least $25 he is automatically joined to the Rewards Club at the first, bronze, level. The rewards club has six tiers in total and players proceed through the levels based on the number of points that they earn. Players earn points for every deposit that is made at the casino and these reward points, also known as comp points can be exchanged for real money. Amber is the first level of the VIP rewards club and when the player has earned 10000 points, he moves to the second bronze level followed by silver at 50000 points, gold at 100000 points, platinum at 500000 points and the top diamond level is from 1000000 points and more. At each level the player receives more and more benefits and bonuses that include match up offers, free spins, cashback rewards and special bonus features. The rewards offered do change from time to time so it is always important for the player to check up on what is available and work his way through the rewards offered that will benefit his game and add value to his money deposits.