Wheel of Chance - Quick Spin Slots

The Wheel of Chance returns for another spin - in more ways than one. It doesn't take long to spot the wheel when you load the game, but can you expect to see plenty more following that? We decided to explore the game in detail to bring you information you can go on if you intend to play it. Are you ready for a spin?

Who created the Wheel of Chance Quick Spin slot game?

If you've played any of the previous games in the series, you'll already know the answer. It's from WGS, also familiar to many under the name Wager Gaming.

Do you get the chance to play a practice version first?

Yes, you can do this - Wager Gaming doesn't let you down on this score.

The Wheel of Chance theme strikes again

With the title revealing where this game is going to take us from the start, it's easy enough to understand that we're back to the old theme for this series.

Does it score highly in the design area?

It looks reasonably sharp, yet it does lack a modern edge. It fits with the rest of the series, so if you're familiar with the look offered in those, you can expect to find the same in this sequel as well.

Reels, icons, and more in Wheel of Chance Quick Spin slots

The game uses a five-reel format, but the creators haven't worried about adding one or more progressive jackpots to the action. Look for the Wheel of Chance as you play, as this is the substitute symbol. You can snag prizes from the wild alone too, but only if you find three or more. The scatter gets an Instant Cash label and finding at least three of those will result in an instant prize.

How many paylines does the game have?

You can play on 20 lines here, and since the creators have fixed them all, you do need to play the lot on every spin.

How much are the coins worth when betting on this game?

The smallest bet you can place on a spin is 20 cents, which makes this a penny slot. There are lots of other bigger amounts though, so high rollers can go as high as $200 on a single spin. Make sure you check and confirm you're happy with your chosen bet before hitting the spin button.

Paytable details for Wheel of Chance Quick Spin

There are only three areas involved in the paytable, so the game isn't too complicated to understand and play. Make sure you read through them all prior to starting though, as they reveal potential prize amounts and icons there.

Can you reach the Bonus Wheel?

While you're playing this game, you might come across a Quick Spin Bonus Wheel. You need one of these on each of the first, third, and fifth reels to trigger this bonus.

You'll be able to spin the wheel once, and then you'll see what you get from it. Will it be an instant prize? Will you receive at least one wild reel - maybe more - for the spin that unlocked the wheel? Or will you collect some free games?

Free spins and how many you might pick up

If you spin the wheel onto a free spin segment, check how many games it gives you. There are several variations, with the best outcome being 16 free spins.

RTP information doesn't appear with this game

Wager Gaming must know what the expected return to player value is over the life of this slot game, but the information does not appear anywhere in the game itself.

How high does our rating go for this one?

We think this one should receive a score of 7/10. It's going to please fans of the series, and the wheel itself is obviously the best bit, but you need to reach it before you can spin it. And as you can get free spins from the wheel, you need to get there before you can even stand a chance of scoring some of those.

What's the biggest prize worth?

You'll be delighted whenever you find wilds that assist with prize combinations but finding five on one of the lines in the game is the best outcome. If you manage to do this, you can expect to receive 5,000x your bet.

Practice a few spins first to get a better feel for the game

Wheel of Chance Quick Spin is a worthy addition to the theme from Wager Gaming. It won't be a popular slot for everyone, but the best way to see what you think is to test it with the demo version first.

Will you like it enough to try some real spins?

You're the only one who will know the answer to that but do choose an affordable budget to play with if you're going to take this route. Always remember to check those bets before committing to them.

Mobile action to find online

You can look for Wheel of Chance Quick Spin at all good mobile casinos as well, if they carry the Wager Gaming collection of slots.