The Wild Show Slots

If we tell you that The Wild Show is unlike anything you’ve seen before in a slot game, you may not believe us. We wouldn’t blame you – the industry has seen thousands of slots released over the years. How could this one be hugely different from everything else?

Well, once you’ve read our review and explored The Wild Show for yourself, you may well agree…

Developer details for The Wild Show

The game is from Wager Gaming, whom you might also know as WGS.

You can try it first if you wish

What better way could there be to work out if this is wild enough for you?

Let’s show off the theme

If you hadn’t gleaned any clues from the title, we can reveal this is set in a circus. It really does take you into the theme too, as it doesn’t look much like any slot game we’ve seen elsewhere.

Immerse yourself in the circus with a sensational design

The design element is vital to the success of any slot game. We can see the stage, the big top, and many other familiar elements in The Wild Show. We’ll leave it to you to sit back and marvel as you see this one for the first time.

Are you ready to roll up and play The Wild Show slots?

There are only three reels here, appearing between the curtains inside the big top. Look for the golden ticket landing on those reels, as this is your substitute symbol. Other than that, there isn’t a scatter (there’s really no room for one), and you don’t get the chance to play for a progressive prize.

You can guess the payline quantity, right?

Many three-reel games only have one line, and this is one of those.

How much does it cost to play The Wild Show?

You can play this from a quarter per spin, so it certainly doesn’t qualify as a penny slot. The biggest bet is far bigger, coming in at $20 per spin.

There’s always a reason to read the paytable

This slot game still has the usual paytable to read, so we recommend you begin there if you’re looking at the game for the first time.

There is a bonus involving the wild symbol

Remember that golden ticket? If it lands on the reels, you may see it offering a multiplier as well. This could be 5x, 8x, or even a huge 10x if you receive a prize from that spin.

There is a chance you might see two wilds on the payline with a blank space in the remaining spot. If this occurs, the wilds stay in position and the game gives you a free respin of the final spot. This carries on until you receive a prize.

You can’t get any free spins though

The wild respin feature is all you can hope for here.

A standard RTP for this game

The 96% mark is held as the standard here, and we can confirm that this game does reach that point.

How highly do we rate The Wild Show?

This one does draw you in with its stunning graphics, and the wild feature and multipliers do make it more unusual. It wouldn’t be rated any less than 8/10 by our team of reviewers.

The golden tickets are the best-paying symbols

These pay on their own along with subbing for other symbols. Find three and you’ll secure 120x your line wager. Watch for those wild multipliers too, as they can enhance any prize.

Roll up to the big top for some demo play

This is the ideal way to experience The Wild Show for the first time. It’s entertaining enough to play for a while, too.

You can play the real game from 25 cents per spin

It may not meet the penny slot criteria, but you’ll still find this an appealing game if you’re familiar with using bigger wagers.

It’s just as appealing on mobile too

Yep, you can load this one on Android and iOS devices if you’d rather play when you’re away from your computer.