1st and 10 Slots

Did you figure out that we are in sporting territory with the 1st and 10 slot game? The title suggests as much, but only if you know something about sports. Never mind though - we have lots more detail to bring you below, so settle in for a review of the game to find out what it entails.

Wager Gaming offers five reels… but how many paylines?

There are 10 lines in this game, so it's a manageable one to try if you're ready.

A familiar range of wagers is on offer

Most of Wager Gaming's slots start with a penny as the lowest value, and we can add this title to that category. The top bet per line turns out to be $5.

Watch out for certain symbols as special icons

One American football player is throwing the ball, and they're the wild symbol. The coach is the scatter, and he cannot be replaced by the wild, although everything else is good. Three other scatters appear in the game, with a linebacker among them. You can also watch out for a cheerleader and a defensive line.

What about some slot bonuses?

The coach brings you free spins if you find three of this scatter symbol, appearing in any positions. Prizes receive a 2x multiplier along the way.

There is a gamble bonus triggered with either three linebackers or three defensive line icons. Finally, the cheerleader cheers you into the final bonus, which requires you to choose a football move to see what happens. There are three moves, but you can select all of them to find out what happens next.

Do you need to know about American football to play?

No, although we guess a lot more will make sense if you do. Double Header is an impressive title, one of a few coming from Wager Gaming that involve multiple scatters triggering different features.

This means there are lots of possible bonuses you might find along the way. Better still, we can report that the game comes with a demo mode. If you load this version of Double Header to start with, you can play for ages until you've triggered all the bonuses, so you can see how they work.