Agent Cash Slots

Agent Cash Slots

Agent Cash Slots's main screen looks like a futuristic plan board for a top secret military operation, covered in metallic, polished, shiny, grey colors. This is a very big and different game and an experienced player will understand that immediately after taking a look at the slot's set up-5 reels with 4 rows and 30 paylines. Coin sizes start at 1 cent and can go as high as 10 dollars. That makes the minimum total bet 30 cents and the maximum one 300 dollars. In addition, the secret mission journey of this game will put you through numerous symbols with excellent payouts and effects and an amazing number of spectacular bonus features.

Payment Services of the Agent

10 symbols on the Agent Cash paytable deliver payouts. They all have 3 winning combinations from 3 to 5 matching symbols. The wild symbol is an exceptionally looking sports car with a Dodge Viper-like paint job (two blue lines through the middle of it). It pays 50 coins, 250 coins and 1250 coins. It has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game with the exception of the Jackpot and the Bonus symbols. Surprisingly, the wild isn't the highest paying symbol. That role is reserved for the special Jackpot symbol, which depicts a villainous bad guy, sitting in a chair with an eye patch, that has a smiley face for a patch. It pays 100 coins, 1000 coins and 10 000 coins for its 5-matching symbol combination, the latter of which is the top payout of the game. Then, there is a symbol depicting a rather ordinary agent, with a suit and a gun with a suppressor, which pays 25, 150 and 800 coins. Then there is a blonde operative who is dressed more warmly, wears a glove and of course is handling a gun. He pays 20 coins, 100 coins and 400 coins. Of course, there is a female agent symbol, who is very attractive with her short hair, long dress and great payouts, the values of which are 15, 50 and 250 coins. Then, there is another car symbol, which depicts an even more expensively looking and modern vehicle than the one shown in the wild. It pays 15, 40 and 200 coins. The golden gun symbol delivers 10 coins, 30 coins and 150 coins. The agent with the fancily stylized beard, who is a bit chubby in the face, wears gloves and a gun with a suppressor delivers 10, 25 and 150 coins. The symbol depicting the extremely modern-looking watch and shades pas 5, 20 and 100 coins. The missile symbol pays 5, 15 and 100 coins.

Cash Features and Effects at the Agent's Disposal

Possibly, the first of the many features and profitable effects with which the player will familiarize himself or herself with will be the Vertical Wild bonus. It can be randomly won during the base game as long as the Bonus, the Car and the Jackpot symbols don't show up on the third reel. Then, if the Vertical Wild feature is activated, between 1 and 5 reels will be covered in full in wild symbols. The free spins of the game can be activated when at least 3 of the special Free Spin symbol show up on the reels. Then 8 free spins will be granted and 8 more will be given if the same combination lands and the free spins bonus is restarted. There is also the Exploding Wild feature. When the special Exploding wild symbol shows up on the third reel it will transform from 2 to 15 symbols on the reels so that more winning combinations are formed. The Bonus symbol in the game depicts a blonde femme-fatale like lady who is dressed in white. At least 3 of the bonus symbols on the first, the third and the fifth reel will activate the Bonus Round of the game. The bonus screen can lead you to free spins, free cash prizes or a Pick or Die feature, the latter of which is only accessible if all 30 paylines are activated. The Pick or Die bonus involves the blond girl from the bonus symbol and the bad guy-like type with the smiley eye-patch and these two characters will be on a card table. 30 different cards will be shown on the table and each of them will be associated with cash prizes. One of these however will be the card that stops the round. The more cards the player flips, the more prizes will enrich his or her balance. Even if the first card you flip is the one that ends the round, you will still be awarded 2 times the wager.

As you can see, an agent's online gambling life is something very special, involving numerous profitable symbols, which deliver outstanding payouts, a terrific top-paying symbol, a wild, a scatter, two bonus symbols and 4 (main) bonus features. One can even call the richness of this slot's gameplay is an overkill, but considering the theme of the game, that would most definitely comes across as a compliment.