Bluebeard's Bounty Slots

Jump into the exciting life of a vicious pirate while playing through Bluebeard’s Bounty, the classic online slot game. This classic slot is home to just three reels, and a select few gambling features. The symbols are all pretty standard with a mix of the cherries and 7’s that you would expect from any standard classic slot game, along with some unique symbols like swords, a skull and crossbones, a parrot, cannons and more. Together the symbols work together to create a unique looking slot game.


Bluebeard’s Bounty isn’t a classic slot for low stakes gamblers because the mimimum amount you can wager while playing this game is $2.00. That’s going to be too high for some gamblers out there. The maximum you can wager is $75.00 with three coins each valued at $25.00 on the single playline of the slot. If you don’t mind wagering an amount somewhere between $2.00 and $75.00 then this slot game could be a good fit for you.

Winning Big

Like most other online classic slot games, Bluebeard’s Bounty doesn’t offer many special features. That’s why if you want to win big, you need to unlock the top jackpot as you play through the rounds of the game. To get this jackpot you’ll need to turn over three of the Bluebeard’s Bounty game symbols. Doing so gets you between 300 and 1,500 coins depending on the number of coins you are betting on that single payline. That means you could potentially win as much as $37,500 from a single spin of this slot game, but you’ll have to be willing to bet big in order to unlock that kind of prize. Even so, there’s a lot of money at stake in this slot game if you’re lucky enough to unlock the top jackpot.

Standard Classic Features

There aren’t any scatters, wild features, bonus games or special features at all in this online slot game. Some people would look away from a slot game that lacks any special features, but others embrace that fact about this online slot game. Players that prefer simple slot gaming will enjoy what this slot has to offer.

Bluebeard’s Bounty might be a simple slot game that doesn’t have a lot going on with each individual round, but it’s nice looking, it offers gamblers a wide betting range to work with for a classic slot game, and the top jackpot is worth playing for. Sure there aren’t a whole lot of features to keep things interesting, but many gamblers will still enjoy what the game has to offer.