Black Gold Rush Slots

If you’ve ever wanted to be an oil driller, or just like the idea of playing through rounds of a slot while trying to strike it rich with oil, Black Gold Rush could be the slot game for you. This online slot is designed after the oil industry and how oil is harvested from the ground. It’s designed to show off the equipment used and to create a pleasant gambling environment for you to try and win big. We were impressed with the appearance of the game, and the high number of paylines, which is exactly why we decided to give this slot game a chance.

Plenty of Bet Options to Choose From

In Black Gold Rush you have a wealth of betting options to pick and choose from. Decide between as few as one payline or as much as 50 at a time. Once you set the total number of bet lines that you want to wager on, you can move on to choosing a bet amount for each individual line. It’s possible to wager as much as $5.00 per line, giving you a maximum of $250 for serious gamblers with huge bank accounts. Small stakes gamblers can enjoy this slot game as well, with a minimum bet of just $0.01.

Good Standard Gameplay

Black Gold Rush offers you plenty of different ways to win big cash while playing through the rounds of this slot. While gambling you’ll want to look for the big oil pump for the best possible wins with a chance to unlock up to 5,000 coins. The oil derrick comes in next with a payout of up to 2,000 coins, and there are plenty of other decent paying symbols as well. While the main fun of this slot comes from the bonus round, there is a lot of cash available during the standard rounds of the game as well and you could boost your bankroll dramatically just by getting some decent symbols during regular spins while you save up for the bonus round.

The Drilling Bonus Game

Since Black Gold Rush is a slot game all about oil drilling, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the special bonus game it offers is focused around this theme as well. From the moment that you start the slot game you’ll be working toward unlocking the three-round bonus game. Each time you get any bonus symbol out on the reels, a bit of oil is added to the tube. Once the tube fills entirely with oil, the bonus feature is triggered. The bonus round itself is very simple. You just choose one of three Oil derricks to try and unlock a prize. If you choose right you get to choose from three again and the cycle continues through a total of 3 rounds. If you choose wrong, the game ends and you get whatever bonus you’ve earned so far.

Black Gold Rush isn’t a slot that’s packed with features, but it has enough. The symbols themselves are very neutral in appearance, but the slot looks neat and clean and is a pleasure to look at while gambling. With top payouts of more than $25,000 during the standard round of the game, and even more cash available during the bonus rounds, there are a lot of reasons to try this slot out.