7x Lucky 7s Slots

7X Lucky 7’s is a classic slot game that’s well-known for producing some impressive wins. It’s a nice looking slot with a limited set of symbols for you to worry about. The game itself is simple to understand, which is appealing to some, and it looks like a slot that many gamblers will enjoy. To learn more about this exciting slot game, read on to find out exactly what it has to offer.

Leveraging the Wilds

The 7X wilds are important symbols that can help you maximize every single win. Each time you get one of these symbols along with 7’s the prize you win will be multiplied by 7. If you get two of the 7X wilds and a 7 the prize you win will be multiplied by 49. If you get three of the 7X wilds you’ll unlock the jackpot which is 2,500 coins for every coin that you placed on that single payline. It’s possible to win up to 7,500 coins, or up to $37,500 if you wager the largest amount that you can. That’s a fair amount of cash for just about any gambler and something that every 7X Lucky 7s slot player shoots for.

Simple and Easy

The only special feature that gamblers have to think about while playing this slot game is the multiplier wilds. Other than that the game is simple to understand and you’ll get all the features the moment you see them. There are just two paying symbols to worry about, and the progressive jackpot handles itself, making this into a fun, but relaxing slot experience.

A Random Progressive Jackpot

This classic slot game has a random progressive jackpot feature that is triggered unexpectedly. As you play the game there’s a slight chance that you can unlock the progressive jackpot. There’s always a chance it will be triggered, but it will automatically be given out each time that it reaches $25,000, which is why it’s so important to play the slot game each time the jackpot climbs up near the top amount, you could be the lucky player to receive that huge payout.

7X Lucky 7’s Slot is simple in design but offers good solid top jackpots and high paying prizes that are worth playing for. If you’re looking for an exciting slot experience that’s still simple enough to understand after a few moments of trying it out, this classic slot is the one to try.