Cupid's Arrow Slots

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Cupid's Arrow, the online video slot game that's designed for loved ones. This fun little slot game is all pink, and kisses and Cupids. It's a nice looking slot game, though it obviously isn't the right game for everyone. With the holiday coming up, we decided to take a close look at this slot game to decide whether it's worth playing or not. Follow along to learn about Cupid's Arrow slot.

An Exceptional Top Bet

Cupid's Arrow has just 20 paylines, minimizing the winning opportunities a bit for serious gamblers looking to win as much as possible. The game makes up for this a bit by upping the total allowable bet amount. It's possible to wager as much as $10 per line of this slot game. That means that players can wager up to $200 per spin. If big bets aren't your thing, you can wager as little as $0.01 per spin on a single line of Cupid's Arrow.

Cupid is the Big Winning Symbol

Cupid is the one and only wild in Cupid's Arrow. This symbol substitutes in for most other symbols and will double any wins that it's a part of. This special symbol also unlocks the top paying jackpot of 10,000 coins during the standard rounds of the game. Players risking the top amount when unlocking this jackpot could receive up to $100,000 just during standard gameplay. That's what makes Cupid's Arrow such a good solid slot game.

Triple Payout Free Spins

For even bigger prize potential there's a free spin round in Cupid's Arrow. This round is unlocked through the gift box symbols. Get three or more of them and receive 15 free spins. During those free spin rounds all prizes are tripled in value. Players that happen to unlock the top jackpot during the free spin round could walk away with a stunning $300,000 if wagering the top amount of money.

The Cupid's Arrow Bonus

If free spins aren't enough on their own to make the game interesting, there's a special bonus game in addition to the standard free spin round. This bonus game is triggered from the heart bonus symbol on reels 2 and 4. In this special bonus round there's a pyramid of gift boxes and it's up to you to choose the right one. Open up the gift box with an intact heart and you move up to the next round to try again. Keep going until you get a broken heart, at which point the round ends and you get to keep whatever you earned so far.

Cupid's Arrow is a nice looking slot game with a good selection of features. It's a fun way to prepare for Valentine's Day, but it's the type of slot that you'll want to play all throughout the year. Give the game a try and you'll soon see that it has a lot to offer with the large prizes that it offers.