Fruit Slots Slots

Fruit Slots Slots
Fruit Slots is one of the most standard classic slot games that you will ever see. There aren’t really any surprises to worry about with this slot game. From the moment that you begin gambling you will know what to expect and know whether or not you are going to have a good experience. That’s why it’s worth it to play the game for some and not for others. Read on to learn everything that you need to know about Fruit Slots the classic slot game.


Fruit Slots has a single payline and allows up to three coins to be placed on it. Gamblers that want to try out this slot game are free to place between one and three coins on the line to get started. Coin values start at just $0.10 and go up to $10.00. That means you can risk between $0.10 and $30.00. Choose an amount and get started playing.

Cherries are King

In Fruit Slot, the cherry symbols are the most important of all. That’s because they are the key to getting a top jackpot from this slot game. The trick to making the most of these symbols is to bet three coins the entire time that you play the slot. That’s because you get 250 coins for a one coin wager when you get three cherries, you get 500 for a two coin wager, and an astounding 2,500 coins for a three coin wager. That alone makes it well worth wagering three coins the entire time that you play this slot game.

Other than cherries, the triple stack BAR symbol is the next most important. Getting three of these symbols will award you with 80 coins per coin wagered for a max of 240 coins, which isn’t too shabby at all.

Many Winning Symbols

Some classic slot games limit the winning symbols to just a few different options and add the rest of the symbols in for filler. That’s not how it works with Fruit Slot. Instead this slot game makes a bunch of different winning symbols available. There are more than 10 different paying symbols with high and low prize payouts. The lowest prize payout comes from getting two lemon symbols and they are worth 3 coins per coin wagered. No matter what symbol you get on the reels, it could be worth something if you get enough of them up on the screen.

No Special Features

One thing that stands out About Fruit Slots instantly is that there aren’t any special features to worry about at all. There isn’t any bonus round, no free spins, no wilds or anything like that to think about. The symbols that show up on the paytable to the right of the reels is the only thing that you need to be aware of. Keep an eye out for winning combinations and wait to get your coins. That’s all there is to this slot game, and that’s exactly why it’s worth playing. If you are looking for a good solid slot that doesn’t make things complicated in any way, Fruit Slots is a decent option.

Many slot players aren’t looking for a complicated game, or even a game that offers massive jackpot payouts to just a couple players. Fruit Slots doesn’t do either of those things. This slot game focuses on offering a high quality gambling experience and it makes the game as easy as possible to go through. You’ll be able to place wagers with ease and shouldn’t have any trouble winning prizes either.