Fruity Feast Slots

If this sounds tempting, sit back for a review of the slot game called Fruity Feast. The title suggests a rather fruity-filled slot, and that is what we get, but there is more involved here as well. We’ve got a fact-filled review available for you, so settle back and let’s see what’s involved in the Fruity Feast online slot game.

You can work out the theme there, can’t you?

We have lots of fruit to find in this game, but they do all look detailed compared with the standard cherries you might have seen in other games. It all looks quite exotic too.

How to play Fruity Feast slots

You’ll see six reels when you load the game, so it’s bigger than you might have expected. The reels also each stand five symbols high, set against a dark background to ensure all the fruits stand out.

There is a wild to look for, showing a collection of fruit, half a coconut, and a cocktail umbrella. It also has a label. Meanwhile, half a star fruit counts as the free spins symbol – also carrying a label.

Cost to play and payline quantity

The coins go from a penny to 50 cents, but each spin works on 10x your bet amount. This means the cheapest wager is only 10 cents, while you can go higher to $5 per spin at most. You might guess there are no paylines here, as the game uses winning combinations anywhere to create prizes. You need nine or more identical symbols (wilds included if you find them) to get a prize. These can’t land diagonally, although horizontal or vertical icons count.

Any chance of finding free spins?

We know there is, thanks to that star fruit. You need three of these to earn nine free spins. However, if you find four, five, or six, you’ll get 10, 11, or 12 spins instead. It’s possible to trigger more with those quantities, but in this case, you’ll get one, two, three, or four spins to up your current total, rather than getting the amount you originally did.

There are four low-paying symbols in the game, and from the third free game

onwards, on odd-numbered spins, you’ll see them removed. This leaves you with the better-paying symbols to find prizes with.

Aside from this, the game could also trigger spawning wilds, which puts more wilds on the reels for you. Furthermore, there is a sticky win respin feature. This can randomly happen when you get a winning combination anywhere in view. The idea is that the winning icons stay put while the other positions spin again to try and get more of those symbols in place. This is random though, meaning it won’t appear every time.

Try the Fruity Feast slot game today to see what you think

For a different spin on fruity symbols, the Fruity Feast slot game certainly manages to offer an entertaining take on the subject. Try it today to see if it works for you.