Haunted Reels Slots

Haunted Reels Slots is a game with a classic set up of 3 reels and 1 payline that has quite a creepy Halloween landscape, involving a clear full moon night with the face of a scary, old witch with a wizard hat, grey hair and a broomstick in her hand on the foreground. The background is populated by a giant castle, a spider springing its web, several bats and the unnerving night sky. Coin sizes start at 1 cent and go as high as 10 dollars. That makes the maximum possible bet for a single spin 30 dollars. The maximum number of credits that can be bet is 3. The 9 winning combinations of the game have specific payout values for the cases of 1 and 2 bet credits and the amounts for 3 bet credits remain the same as for 2 with the exception of the highest paying Witch symbol. The case of 3 bet credits allows players to experience the game's best features so gamblers are encouraged to always enter the spin with 3 credits.

Haunted Paytable and Effects

The winning combination at the bottom of the paytable involves the candy symbol. Any combination involving the candy symbol pays 2 coins for 1 credit and 4 coins for 2 and 3 credits. Nay combination involving 2 candy symbols will deliver 5 coins for 1 credit and 10 coins for 2 and 3 credits. The same amount is given by a combination of three different BAR-type symbols. The triple candy symbol combination pays 10 coins for 1 bet credit and 20 coins for 2 and 3 bet credits. Three of the single blue BAR symbols pay the same amount as the triple candy combination. Three of the double green BAR symbols pay 25 coins and 50 coins for 1 and 2 and 3 bet credits respectively. Three of the triple yellow BAR symbols pay 40 coins for the first and 80 coins for the second and the third credit. The gravestone symbol's triple combination delivers 80 coins for 1 bet credit and 160 coins for 2 and 3 bet credits. Then there is the highest paying symbol of the game, which is the wild Witch and her triple combination pays 800 coins for 1 bet credit, 1600 coins for 2 bet credits and the game's top prize of 2400 coins for 3 bet credits. When a single wild participates in a winning combination the payout of it will be doubled. When two wilds take part in a winning combination, the payment will be multiplied by 4. The bonus round of the game can be triggered when the non-paying special bonus symbol appears in the case of 3 bet credits. The bonus game is symbol-players will be presented with several Halloween pumpkins. Selecting the right pumpkin will give the player the chance to receive even more earnings out of the bonus feature.

In the end, Haunted Reels is everything a gambler would want from a slot with a classic set up-profitable symbols, a great wild with solid effects and even a superb bonus game.