Hot Roller Slots

Hot Roller Slots features a background vista of breathtaking detail and colour of a skyscraper-filled city (most likely Las Vegas), that beams will all kinds of neon lights-blue, red, teal, orange, pink, green. You can see everything-from the city lights of the cheaper neighborhoods to the giant slogans on the casinos. The sunset or sunrise sky on the horizon is of a gorgeous blue colour with the red light of the emerging or setting sun just barely glistening. The game has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. It is in possession of numerous profitable symbols, great payouts and a couple of awesome bonus features.

Hot Symbols

The designs of the symbols and the paytable itself are quite impressive because for instance, the wild and the scatter’s icons involve high frame rate animation and the rest of the symbols also interact with the movement of the mouse. The wild Lady depicts a gorgeous blonde girl, who kisses a pair of dices before throwing them at the screen. It is the highest paying symbol of the game, delivering 10 coins for 2 symbols, 100 coins for 3 symbols, 1000 coins for 4 symbols and the game’s top prize of 10 000 coins for 5 symbols. The scatter symbol is the Dice and the animation of its icon shows a pair of dices just going crazy in the process of rolling on the background of a sun-like object in a middle of a slightly inverted square with flames protruding from each of its sides. The scatter pays with multipliers on the total bet, delivering 2 times the wager for 2 symbols and 5 times the wager for 3 symbols. The next symbol on the paytable is the blond guy with the green outfit and it gives 3 coins for 2 symbols, 25 coins for 3 symbols, 250 coins for 4 symbols and 1000 coins for 5 symbols. The roulette symbol grants 2 coins for 2 symbols, 20 coins for 3 symbols, 100 coins for 4 symbols and 250 coins for 5 symbols. The rest of the symbols in the game offer just 3 winning combinations from 3 to 5 matching symbols. The collection of chips symbol as well as the cocktail symbol both deliver 15, 50 and 200 coins. The bottom of the paytable is dominated by the usual card symbols from A to 9. The Ace and the King give 10, 25 and 150 coins. The Queen, the Jack, the 10 and the 9 grant 5, 20 and 100 coins.

Hot Rolling Effects and Features

As a wild, the Lady is capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game in order to create potential winning combinations. The payout of every combination completed with the assistance of the Lady will be multiplied by 2. The only symbol that can’t be replaced is the scatter Dice, which can make an appearance only on the second, the third and the fourth reel. The free spins round of the game gets activated when at least 3 scatter Dices show up on the reels. 3 Dices will then be rolled by the player: 2 red ones and a single white one and the value of the two red dices are then multiplied in order to determine the number of free spins that will be given. The number of the single white dice will be the multiplier of the earnings made during the free spins. If the right combination lands, the free spins can be restarted. The maximum number of free spins that can be acquired is 36. The maximum number of the multiplier value is 6. The Gamble feature of the game allows the player to multiply a selected earning. He or she will be able to choose whether to guess suits or colors. The rightly guessed suit will increase the earning 4 times and the correctly selected color will increase the payout 2 times.

Hot Roller Slots offers spectacular payouts and highly entertaining bonus features, the type of which one would expect to find in the borders of a city as beautiful and exciting as the one shown in this game.