Magic Monkey II Slots

Magic Monkey II Slots
You don’t often see a magical monkey wearing a wizard’s hat. However, that is exactly what was displayed for you in the original Magic Monkey slot game. Does the sequel promise a better outcome?

Magic Monkey II is here, and the original creators are once again in the driving seat for this one. Is it worth playing? Let’s find out.

Developer details for Magic Monkey 2

If you recall the original name, you’ll know that the identity of the creator is Wager Gaming Technology.

You always have a demo game to try

If you didn’t play the original game or you’re unsure about this one, you can still try it in the alternative practice format. There are demo credits included with that one for convenience.

Another magical theme is in store

This becomes obvious when you see a few of the icons included on the reels. There are some potions, a magical spell book, and of course the monkey himself.

A step up from the original design

The original slot game has been out for a while now. It uses a familiar but old format often used in slots from Wager Gaming. They have upped their game since then, so you can expect the sequel to look bolder and better as a result.

Features to watch out for in Magic Monkey 2 slots

The sequel has five reels, so it looks familiar to start with in that respect. We have little information to go on for this one just yet, so it is uncertain whether there is a wild involved.

However, the original used the monkey himself as the wild symbol. We suspect the same might be the case in this game too. Check the paytable to determine whether this is the case once you check out the game.

There might also be a scatter, or at least a symbol that unlocks some free games. We know this because free games are included as a special feature of the Magic Monkey 2 game.

However, it does not appear as if we have any progressive jackpot prizes to go for in this game.

Payline quantity to play on

The game comes with 25 lines – quite standard for a five-reel slot.

Choose from a wide range of bets

The Wager Gaming titles usually have a one-cent minimum involved. This is the case here too. However, lots of other coin values are included too, ranging from cents through to dollars and reaching $9 at most.

Make sure you don’t miss the paytable

Even if you’re keen to play this slot game, we’d suggest reading through the paytable information first. You can find out about special symbols and other features there.

The game doesn’t feature a bonus round

Early indications are that a second screen bonus isn’t something you should expect.

Free spins are featured here though

Great news if you like your free games because it looks as though there are some to be had in this game.

No RTP is available yet

We have only just had word of this game release, so perhaps the RTP value will be provided later.

Our rating for Magic Monkey 2

Everything points to a good solid slot game here. Until we get the chance to play it for real, we cannot give it a proper score. However, we suspect it will rank at around the 7-8 out of 10 range.

Keep an ear out for news of winners

There may be no progressives to scoop in this game, but the paytable is bound to reveal some special prizes for getting certain combos on the reels. As always, the best outcome would be the most expensive icon appearing five times across the same paid line.

Play the demo of Magic Monkey 2

This is the best way to acquaint yourself with how everything works. Are you going to like what you see?

Play for real at Wager Gaming casinos today

There are several leading casinos that provide a full collection of Wager Gaming Technology titles. That means you can enjoy finding this game – and the original title – at any of those sites.

Mobile accessibility

That magic monkey can provide you with a magical experience on Android and iOS too. Since this is a modern game, the magic is obvious!