Panda Playtime Slots

Are you ready to look for some pandas? With a background that offers lots of bamboo and other delights in a calming setting, this is an engaging and entertaining slot game to play. Check out the various features that you can expect to find among the reels of this game.

A panda-filled theme you’ll love

It’s panda playtime, we’re told in the title, and that is indeed the case here. There are various other delights on the reels too, with hints of bamboo and plenty of flowers to look for as well. The background we spoke of earlier also sets the scene.

How to play Panda Playtime slots

This is bigger than you may expect, with six reels in action and five symbols landing on each one. An orange fish behaves as a wild symbol, doing the usual duty of subbing for everything apart from the free spin symbol. That one is easy enough to identify as it carries that label. It also shows a yin yang symbol inside a circular piece of bamboo.

How many lines in action in Panda Playtime?

There are no lines in this game; instead, you need clusters of nine or more icons appearing together to score a prize. The more you find, the bigger the prize. They won’t count if they appear diagonally from each other – only horizontally or vertically.

The game uses a 10x multiplier to work out the wager. This means you can bet a coin worth between one cent and 50 cents per go to get a total bet of between 10 cents and $5 per go.

How to reach the free spins

You need to find three, four, five, or six free spin symbols to do this. In each case, you’ll get nine, 10, 11, or 12 free games, respectively. You can trigger more spins with three or more free spin icons once you’re inside this part of the game. Furthermore, as you go through the spins, one of the lower-valued icons is taken out of the game on successive spins, eventually removing all four of them.

Don’t miss your chance to see some Panda Playtime action

Make sure you load this one to see how well you can do creating some clusters of symbols to score prizes. You can always try the game first with no risk involved, to see if you want to change over to the real version.