Mega Money Mine Slots

Take out your tools and start digging for buried treasure in Mega Money Mine. This online classic slot game is a bit of anomaly because it offers some truly stunning top prize payouts. This slot looks nice, but packs a few exciting features into the mix as well, which is why we took the time to review the slot for you.

Wagering is Important

In Mega Money Mine one of the most important things that you have to do is wager money. The amount of money that you wager directly determines how much you can win, and it determines which prizes trigger as well. There is a single payline, and you can bet between one and three coins on that line at any time. Coins are set at a standard value of $1.50 and you can wager between one and three per round. It’s advisable to always wager $4.50 though for a shot at the massive progressive jackpot.

A Huge Progressive Jackpot

The one feature that most players are bound to notice the second that they begin playing at Mega Money Mine slots is the progressive jackpot. It’s absolutely massive in size. Most of the time the jackpot is worth more than $100,000 and at the moment it’s worth over $200,000. That’s a top payout that you rarely see in classic video slot games, and it’s rarely that large even in standard video slots. That’s what makes this slot game special, and it’s why you need to wager three coins at all times, otherwise you’ll only receive a small portion of the overall jackpot amount if you win the jackpot.

Many Ways to Win

Mega Money Mine is a classic slot game that’s all about winning big. There are many different symbols that can produce a winning combination, which means it’s tough to line up matching symbols with any spin of the reels. With that said, if you do manage to match up symbols there’s a lot of money on the line most of the time. The mine tunnel symbol will unlock the progressive jackpot if you get three of the symbols, but the gold bars, 7’s and mining equipment also offer some pretty decent payouts. These are the next three highest paying symbols and they are worth shooting for. The gold bars pay out 750 coins per coin that you wager when you get three of them, which is a pretty solid prize. The 7’s pay out 300 coins per coin wagered, which is also a prize that’s considered pretty massive for a classic slot game.

No Special Features

Other than the progressive jackpot feature, things are pretty simple in Mega Money Mine. There aren’t any wilds or special bonus features of the game. Spins are standard and you don’t have to worry about looking out for surprises as you go through the rounds. To gamblers looking for relaxing gameplay this is a desirable thing. If you want a simple gambling experience that still offers massive prize potential, Mega Money Mine is the slot for you.

It’s designed to be simple, offers huge prize payouts to the lucky few players that unlock one of the big wins, and Mega Money Mine looks pretty nice as well. It’s one of the best classic slot games we’ve played recently and that’s why we give it a strong recommendation to any classic slot fans out there.