Oriental Flower Slots

Some slots are far more obvious about their themes than others, simply by the title chosen to describe them. Oriental Flower certainly doesn't hide its central idea, although we doubt that you'll guess all the features behind the scenes in this slot game. If you're curious to see what's involved with this game, make sure you go through each segment of our slot game review for all the answers.

Developer details to begin the review

It's always good to see where a game comes from. In this case, the Oriental Flower slot was created by the team at Dragon Gaming.

Demo features are ready for you to try

If you like the look of the game but you're unsure whether it's a good fit for you, you can always test the demo first.

Theme details for Oriental Flower

The title tells you plenty, but the info from the creator adds more detail. They promise us a tropical adventure, and the game is set in Asia, where lotus flowers are commonplace.

Design features in this slot game

The design backs up the theme by dropping us in an exotic location. We want to swim in those waters forever… and with other great details included in the backdrop too, you'd be forgiven for wanting to gaze over it rather than play.

Let's reveal the basics for the Oriental Flower online slot

This is a 5 x 3 slot game, so you'll undoubtedly have seen something like this before. This one comes with four jackpots, although they're not progressive. Instead, they are fixed as multipliers of your spin bet.

The wild takes the shape of a lotus flower, which makes sense. The only symbol this cannot substitute for is the bonus symbol, which is a scatter. It's hard to say what this is as it's a strange shape, possibly why they've labeled it.

Payline quantity for this slot game

There are none here, as we have a way wins slot instead. The 5 x 3 format means there are 243 possible ways to line up some prizes.

Place one bet per spin on the reels

One bet covers all 243 ways, and there is quite a large range to choose from. Go from 20 cents up to $40. While the jackpots are multiplier values, they're shown as being relevant to your bet, so be clear on that before you play.

Paytable access is fine once you know where it is

Look for the logo in the top right and go through to it from there. All the rules and prize amounts are hidden away in the paytable, so this should be the first place you head for.

Should you expect any bonus features?

There is no clear second screen bonus here, but you need a way to try and scoop one of those jackpots. Finding wilds in play on the reels encourages the lotus flower above the reels to grow. Once it reaches a certain size - it's hard to tell how close you are to be honest - the bonus feature begins.

According to the paytable, as we weren't fortunate enough to trigger it ourselves, the bonus round begins with 12 boxes appearing on screen. There is a flower inside each one, with each jackpot represented by a flower. Start opening the boxes and collect three matching flowers to receive that jackpot. The smallest one is worth 20x your bet but the largest reaches 5,000x your bet.

You've also got a chance to net some free spins

There is a set of 10 free spins waiting for you - all you need is a set of three scatters landing anywhere to get them.

What's the RTP for Oriental Flower?

We like to see at least 96% here and usually higher is better still, but for this game we have a percentage dipping to 94% over the life of the game.

What's our rating?

The return to player percentage could - and should - be higher in this one. However, the wilds being collected to allow the lotus flower to bloom… that's a good element. And we do also have the free spin feature, although nothing unusual happens in that. All told, this is a 7 out of 10 slot game.

The biggest prize is the biggest jackpot

This is way higher than anything you'll find in the paytable. The multiplier is a cool, 5,000x, which could be anything from $1k to $200k depending on your triggering bet if you did manage to get hold of it.

Play for entertainment only if you like

Dragon Gaming opens the game to all players by providing a demo, and that's the best way to play to begin with in our eyes.

Play the real thing when you get to a casino offering it

If the Oriental Flower slot turns out to be everything you hoped for, get ready to play the real game from 20 cents a pop if you fancy it.

Mobile gaming also available

Yes, you've also got the chance to play the game on mobile platforms, so Android and iOS fans are good to go too.