Gold Heist Slots

There’s gold in those hills isn’t there? That’s the story, anyway, and it looks like we are going to find out whether it is true when we pore over the details of this story. Gold Heist is a simple enough title, but does it hide any impressive slot game features? Our review is set up to give you all the answers you need.

The opening screen reveals the theme

If you didn’t work it out from the title or the loading screen, you will when you reach the game for real. We are looking for gold in this one, as depicted by the gold mine and the various other symbols appearing throughout the game.

How to play Gold Heist slots

This is a regular five-reel delight, offering plenty of varied symbols on three rows on each reel.

There is a scattered cowboy with a pickax over his shoulder, smiling and smoking a cigar by the look of it. You’ve also got a bonus symbol to look for that shows a winding minecart railway track. Finally, there is another guy with a gun, and he’s the wild. He carries a 2x multiplier for prizes but cannot replace the two other special symbols we’ve just mentioned.

Betting on the paylines of the game

The game offers 30 lines, and while you can deselect some if you want to, it does mean you might miss a prize landing on an unplayed line. The coin wagers per line range from a cent to 50 cents.

Heading toward the free spin round

Remember that scattered cowboy? Find three or more of him on the reels and you’ll head for the Minecart Bonus feature. You get one pick for each triggering scatter. You’ll receive free spins from each pick, with a maximum of 50 available to collect and play. You can’t trigger these again from inside those spins.

Next up, can you find three or more of the bonus symbols? If you can, you’re heading for the Mine Trail Bonus instead. Spin the wheel to see if you can progress along the trail. The further you go, the bigger those prize multipliers can get. If you spin the COLLECT message into view though, the round ends and you receive what

you’ve won up to that point.

Check out the Gold Heist slot game today

With a demo version ready and waiting for you, it makes sense to load that first. Can you play until the free spins and the bonus rounds appear? You’ll know more about the game if you do. The real thing awaits whenever you’re ready to make your move.