Pay Day Slots

The background of Pay Day Slots includes an extravagantly violet color with an extremely happy gentleman who is juggling with golden coins, while big dollar signs are floating in the space around him. This is a classic slot of 3 reels and a single payline. The paytable involves 6 symbols and 9 combinations, each of which has a specific payout value for the 3 bet cases, Coin sizes vary between 1 cent and 10 dollars. That forms a maximum possible bet of 30 dollars. Pay Day also incorporates a wild symbol that is extremely effective and profitable.

Pay Day Pay Table

The pink seven symbol dominates the bottom of the paytable in Pay Day Slots. One of that symbol on the reels will deliver 2 coins for every bet coin. Two of the pink sevens on the reels will deliver 5 coins, 10 coins and 15 coins for the three bet cases. The same amounts will be delivered by the triple combination of any type of BAR symbol. The triple pink seven combination provides 10 coins for the first bet coin, 20 coins for the second best coin and 30 coins for the third best. Equal amounts will be provided by the triple single BAR combination. The triple double BAR combination grants 25 coins when 1 coin is bet, 50 coins when 2 coins are bet and 75 coins when 3 are bet. Three of the triple BAR symbols grant gamblers 40 coins for a single bet coin, 80 coins for two bet coins and 120 coins for 3 bet coins. Three of the green seven symbol pays 80 coins, 160 coins and 240 coins in the cases of the first, the second and the third bet coin. The highest paying symbol of the game is the Pay Day logo wild. It has the usual ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to form up potential winning combinations and increase the chance for more and bigger earnings. The triple Pay Day logo wild combination pays huge amounts-800 coins for the first bet coin, 1600 coins for the second bet coin and the game’s top prize of 2500 coins for the third bet coin. Whenever one wild successfully completes a winning combination it pays 2 times the payout. Two wild logo symbols assisting with the creation of a combination will multiply its earnings 4 times.

Pay Day Slots is a perfectly great slot game with a classic set up with reasonably paying symbols and a suitably epic top-paying wild.