Rise Of The Titans Slots

The Titans were mighty characters, and you can meet a few of them when you play the Rise of the Titans slot game. Offering dramatic gameplay set between two pillars, you'll surely want to find out more about the individuals in this game. What else do we know about it? Read on to get the answers.

The Titans supply the theme

You may know about mythical Gods, such as those from ancient Greece. Before they came to the fore, however, we had the Titans. Twelve individuals who ruled over the universe before the more recent Gods appeared. You may not see all the Titans in this game, but you can rely on spotting a few of them.

How to play the Rise of the Titans slot

This is a five-reel game, except there are four symbols landing on each one here rather than three. There are wilds involved in the game, and other special icons too, but we'll cover those in a second.

The coin range to consider before you play

You've got 25 lines in this slot game, but there are coins ranging from a penny to two dollars on each line.

Bonus features in the Rise of the Titans

There are two boxes that may appear on the final reel of the game but on no other. These are Pandora's boxes in silver and gold. You can receive coin prizes from these, along with a chance of some free games or Power Boosts.

Another possibility is that you might receive Wrath Mode free games from inside one of those boxes. Each Titan has a power meter, and this changes them into sticky wilds whenever the meter for the relevant character is full. If you reach the Wrath Mode spins, all the meters for those characters are full at the beginning.

Check out the Rise of the Titans slot game today

Rise of the Titans benefits from some dramatic imagery, so if you like that sort of thing, you can expect to find some entertaining action throughout each spin. You can always go through some demo spins to start with or simply play for real from t

he beginning. Either way, you've got a game that is packed with unusual bonus features and possibilities. Rise of the Titans could well rise to become one of the best in this themed slot game category.