3X Gold'N Slots

Some slot titles seem to reveal little about the game, so what can we make of the 3x Gold'n slot? We are hoping for a multiplier here, and we do know that WGS, the slot creator, does often include those. So, let's see what else we might discover about the game.

What is the game format in 3x Gold'n?

The three describes the number of reels too, although it only has one line for you to bet on. It's all about gold too, as you might have figured out from the title.

How much does it cost to play the game?

As usual with such games, you have a chance to choose up to three coins to place on the payline. Each coin must be worth the same amount, ranging from a penny to $10.

Watch for the logo to find the special symbol in 3x Gold'n

There's plenty of gold around in this game, but you'll want to find the oval logo first. That's the wild, and it shows 3x on it too, so it looks like we were correct about the multiplier aspect.

Exploring the bonus potential appearing in the 3x Gold'n slot game

The wild is the only important symbol to search for, acting as a wild for any other symbol you might find. If you get a winning line with one of those involved, the prize will be tripled. If you get two wilds plus anything else, you'll receive 9x the usual prize amount.

Aside from that, you cannot expect any bonus spins nor a bonus round appearing anywhere in the game.

Make sure you don't miss your chance to play 3x Gold'n slots today

It's a cool game, based around a familiar format, but the multiplier wild is the element that catches your attention. With a chance to double up and receive two wilds on the payline, it boosts the prize values for anything else they will appear with. That's the key to finding some of the better prizes in the 3x Gold'n slot, offering golden chances to bringing in a good return on a spin or two. Will you try this slot today to see what you make of it?