Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblins are supposed to be mean, right? So, is it a good or a bad thing to discover a goblin in a slot game? It depends on the title, so we're going to explore the ins and outs of the Goblins Gold Wild X game today, so you can see what you make of it. We will say that goblin has super-sharp nails though…

Are there plenty of reels and lines to contend with?

No - it's a basic three-reel game, adopting a single line for players to bet on.

Can you play Goblins Gold Wild X as a penny slot?

You can, yes, although high rollers can go for something bigger if they wish. The maximum coin value is $5, providing players with a chance to bet $15 on a spin. That works because there are up to three coins to place on the line, too.

Vital symbols to check out in Goblins Gold Wild X slots

When you're playing, stay alert for the Triple 3x Wild symbol. You can use this to replace other icons and to boost a prize by 3x. You'll find a 9x multiplier in play for any two wilds plus a third symbol as well. Better still, three wilds unlock the jackpot of 2,500 coins.

What about unlocking a Goblins Gold Wild X bonus feature?

Most three-reel slots don't include bonus rounds, so you might be surprised to see one in action in this game. At least, there is a chance of seeing it if you can land it. You'll only stand a chance of doing it if you play three coins on each spin, however. They can still be of any value though, so that means a three-cent spin wager would do it. The bonus is called Treasure Quest, so we guess it might involve stealing some treasure from that goblin…

Go wild and play the Goblins Gold Wild X game today

WGS has done a wonderful job with this game, producing yet another stunning three-reel slot to play. With plenty of action rolled into the reels, you'll be watching to see what turns up next. Can you get the better of the goblin along the way?