Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10x Wild Slots
Ultimate 10X Wild slots is a unique online classic slot game with a pretty basic look but some exciting features. This slot has an exciting progressive jackpot, which is exactly why we decided to give it a try. While reviewing the game we were impressed with the top prize payouts available, and many gamblers try the game specifically for those top prizes.

A Decent Betting Range

There’s just a single payline in Ultimate 10X Wild Slots, but you can wager between 1 and 3 coins on that single line. Coin values can be set at between $0.01 and $15.00 apiece, which leaves you with a working range of $0.01 and $45.00 for your final bet amount. That’s a pretty decent range to work within, and most gamblers should be able to find an amount that they don’t mind risking on this slot game.

Multiplier Wilds

In Ultimate 10X there are two different types of wilds, the 10X wild and the 3X wild. These are powerful multipliers that will help you maximize your prize payouts. When combined with another prize symbol the 3X wild symbols triple any prize paid out. Two 3X symbols multiply a prize payout by 9 times. 10X symbols multiply a prize by 10 times the amount, two 10X symbols multiply a prize by 100 times and a 3X mixed with a 10X multiplies a prize payout by 30 times the standard amount. Getting three 10X wild symbols is all that it takes to unlock the jackpot payout which can be a massive amount of coins between 10,000 coins and 30,000 coins depending on the number of coins you are wagering.

A Huge Progressive Jackpot

There’s a huge progressive jackpot payout available in this online slot game that constantly grows as you play the game. Go through the rounds of this slot and you’ll quickly see that you have a lot of cash to try and win. The prize is several thousand dollars and is very exciting to try and unlock. The progressive jackpot is guaranteed to pay out by the time it reaches $22,500, so players should try and play this slot whenever the jackpot amount climbs that high.

An Autoplay Feature

Ultimate 10X Wilds slots comes with an autoplay feature like most other modern-day slot games do. This feature makes it very easy to go through 10, 20, 50 or even 250 rounds without having to press any buttons at all. The maximum automatic spins is 500, and you can even set this feature to shut off after a big win if you like.

Ultimate 10X Wilds is an exciting classic slot game with some seriously huge top prizes. It’s designed to be dynamic and to pay out huge payouts occasionally to keep things very interesting. The multiplier wilds leave you with sometimes huge wins, and they also transform small wins into big victories. Add in the progressive jackpot payout and you have a lot to look forward to with Ultimate 10X Wild slots.