Cash Cow Slots

Cash Cow Slots doesn’t have a particularly spectacular theme at first look: it’s just a dairy farm, even if it’s one that is impressively rendered in terms of its animation and detail. What lies beneath the surface is a huge game with one of the richest gameplays imaginable. The game is in possession of 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 paylines. In that set up, players will encounter two separate wilds with profitable effects, two scatter symbols, two main bonus game features, countless other symbols with terrific payouts of their own and even more mini bonus rounds. The question here really isn’t if you like farming, it is whether or not you mind it, because if you do, it will be a lousy excuse to skip on a game as rewarding and diverse as this one.

Wild and Scatter Pairs in the Farm

The first wild symbol offers payouts and it is the Scarecrow symbol. The second wild is a special re-spin wild and depicts a collection of the cutest little piglets imaginable cuddled together in a basket. It also has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game with the exception of the Scarecrow wild and the Cash Cow scatter symbol. When 3 of the Piglet Basket wilds show up on the second reel the formed winning combination will be paid out to the gambler and then they will remain on the reels for an additional spin. The first scatter symbol is the so-called Harvest Moon Super Scatter. It pays with multipliers on the total bet and its combinations can be activated regardless of the symbols’ positions on the reels. 3 of the Harvest Moon symbol pay 1 time the total wager. 4 symbols pay 5 times. 5 symbols pay 10 times. 6 symbols pay 50 times. 7 symbols pay 100 times. 8 symbols pay 1000 times. The Cash Cow scatter symbol, depicts a deliriously happy, almost drunk-like cow with dollar bills falling from the sky around it. The symbol’s effect matches its looks. Before the start of every spin, a random prize will appear with a maximum amount of 12, 500 dollars. The Cash Cow scatter’s combinations are capable of delivering a part of that award or the whole of it. 2 Cash Cow symbols pay 1 percent of the indicated reward. 3 symbols pay 10 percent of the award. 4 symbols pay the displayed award in full.

Even More Money Features

Cash Cow Slots is not done there. There is a bonus symbol that activates yet another bonus feature and that’s the Pick’ Em Bonus Game. When 3 bonus symbols show up on the first, third and fifth reel during free spins, the round will be activated and gamblers will be able to choose 4 different prizes, all of which can amount to 2000 coins. There is also the Kooky Chicken Symbol, which activated the bonus round of the same name and during it players can enjoy instantaneously delivered rewards that can be as high as 600 coins. The bonus feature can be activated if 3 of the Kooky Chicken symbols show up on the reels. And of course, there are the free spins round. It is important to remember that some of the bonus features like the Pick’ Em Bonus and the Kooky Chicken can only occur within the free spins. The free spins round in Cash Cow Slots doesn’t get initiated by a symbol combination, it starts randomly after the end of a spin. 15 free spins get awarded and all the values of the symbols from the paytable get doubled while the feature is ongoing. As far as the payout values are concerned, the symbols that do deliver fixed payouts and have no other effects are 10. The highest paying symbol is the wild Scarecrow that pays 5 coins for 2 symbols, 50 coins for 3 symbols, 500 coins for 4 symbols and 2000 coins for 5 symbols. Next up in the paytable is Jed, the Farmer, who delivers 40 coins for 3 symbols, 100 coins for 4 symbols and 1000 coins for 5 symbols. Daisy, the Daughter pays 25 coins for 3 symbols, 80 coins for 4 symbols and 500 coins for 5 symbols. The Boyfriend symbol delivers 20 coins for 3 symbols, 75 coins for 4 symbols and 350 coins for 5 symbols. The regular card symbols from A to 10 also make an appearance in an appropriately stylized appearance. The Ace pays 15 coins, 60 coins and 200 coins. The King delivers 10, 40 and 100 coins. The Queen pays 10 coins, 30 coins and 75 coins. The Jack pays 5 coins, 25 coins and 50 coins. The 10 delivers 5 coins, 20 coins and 40 coins.

Cash Cow Slots is one cow-themed gambling game you will definitely remember, namely for the two wilds, two scatters, a couple of other bonus symbols, its six exceptional bonus features (small or big) and the terrific payouts of its symbols. Business is, indeed, good.