Four Mighty Beasts Slots

Would you go head-to-head with some beasts if you got the chance? You'll see four of them in this slot game, as the title confirms. Will the Four Mighty Beasts be good to you, or will you need to fend them off? Come with us as we stand ready to review this slot game.

Developer info to start off with

This is the latest in a line of impressive games to come from the Dragon Gaming outfit.

You do get the chance to play a demo game

This is great news, as it means you can test everything before committing a single cent to playing it.

What's the theme?

Four Mighty Beasts has an Oriental theme, so instead of basic letters and numbers for the low-paying symbols, you'll see Chinese lettering. And of course, there are the beasts to meet too.

Does this game boast a mighty design?

You can certainly expect some detailed icons to land as the four beasts appear - the dragon, the tiger, the bird, and the tortoise. The background is lost in mists, but there is a hint of a mountain there. It still manages to give some depth to the game though.

How to play the Four Mighty Beasts slot

This is a five-reel game, offering the usual selection of three symbols stopping in view on each of the reels. The scatter symbol in action looks a bit like a lotus flower, except it is in flames. This is labeled as the bonus symbol. Meanwhile, we also get a standard wild, where the word appears over the top of a yin yang symbol. This only appears in the base game, but don't worry, there are other wilds involved if you reach the free spin round. The wild never subs for the scatter, as you might suppose.

There are no paylines in this game

Dragon Gaming has instead gone for all the ways you might find prizes for this format - and that means 243 ways.

Is this an affordable game to play?

You can fully test it first, of course, but the bets begin from 20 cents per play. This covers all 243 ways. The top coin value is $2, which gives a maximum bet of $40.

How can you find the paytable?

You should see a tiny house icon in the bottom left corner. Above that, there's a plus logo. This opens a menu, and you'll spot the info button in there that leads to the paytable.

Does the game include a bonus round?

No, but it more than makes up for the lack of one with its free spin opportunities. We should tell you that you can opt to respin a reel following any spin, although there is an extra payment for this. You'll see the amount under the reel, relevant to how promising the potential outcome could be. We don't use this feature, but it does add another layer to betting on the game if you're interested.

Which mighty beast will appear in the free spins?

You need to get three or more bonus icons to trigger the free spins. Once there, you'll receive a random pick of one out of the four mighty beasts. They're all wilds for the free spins round, but each one has a different role to play.

The tiger wild appears in two random spots before the spins begin. Each one then jumps to another position for each free spin. If you get the tortoise wild, it expands on its reel whenever it appears. It can only land on reels two through to five.

The third possibility is to get the vermilion bird wild, which is sticky for two spins whenever it turns up. It can overlap with older wilds if relevant. The final wild feature involves the dragon wild, appearing as a 3 x 3 wild over the middle three game reels. Whenever it appears, it will occupy all the positions on those reels, so this could well be the best one of all.

This game has a standard RTP

The standard preferred return to player percentage is 96% - anything above that is better still. However, this one does give us an expected return of 96%, confirmed inside the paytable.

Our rating for the Four Mighty Beasts slot

We're giving this one a cool 9/10 score for several reasons. It looks amazing for starters and feels different to many other games. We loved the four special wilds representing each of the beasts for the free spin round, as they do give you the chance to enjoy different versions of the round if you reach it.

Where does the best winning potential appear in this game?

We guess any version of the free spin round is going to bring you better chances to bring in several prizes. The dragon pays the best out of the four main symbols, so watch for that.

Play some demo spins to figure out how it all works

This experience should let you know whether it is a game you'll want to play for real.

Play for real wherever the Dragon Gaming suite of titles appears

Several leading casinos have games from this developer, so while they're not the most famous of all the game studios out there today, they're certainly establishing themselves.

Mobile accessibility

Yep, you can switch to touchscreen controls for this one if you wish, opting for Android or iOS access via a browser.