Holiday Feast Slots

There’s no better way to get ready for Thanksgiving than with Holiday Feast the online slot game. This simple classic slot is themed with all the things that we’ve come to associate with Thanksgiving. There are Pilgrims, there are turkeys, there are leaves and there’s pie. Along with those very recognizable symbols, there are also BAR symbols that are so common in classic slot games. Together all these symbols create a nice theme that stands out and helps make Holiday Feast an experience worth trying out.

Betting Simplicity

Betting is basic in this classic slot game. The moment that you start playing Holiday Feast you can place a wager between $0.01 and $30.00. This is split between three different coins, all on the same payline. Choose a value and a total number of coins and place the wager that you are most comfortable with.

Powerful Wilds

The Pilgrim’s Hat is the wild in Holiday Feast and it’s just the thing that you need to supercharge your wins while playing through the rounds. Getting a single hat can double any prize that you manage to create with the other symbols. Getting two of the symbols along will quadruple the value of the last remaining symbol. Getting three of the symbols unlocks the jackpot, which is 800 coins times the number of coins that you are betting, for a maximum of 2,400 coins. That could be a prize valued at up to $24,000 if you are betting the top amount while playing through Holiday Feast.

The Turkey Bonus Round

Holiday Feast is a rare classic slot game in that it has a bonus game for you to play. To trigger this simple bonus round you need to bet the maximum amount and to get a turkey symbol on the payline. It’s as simple as that. Accomplish both of those things and you’ll be playing through the bonus round before you know it. In this bonus round you are tasked with choosing a box to try and unlock a prize. Choose the right box and you’ll walk away with cash. Choose wrong and you’ll miss out on the big win.

Holiday Feast is a pretty cool little classic slot game and just the thing that you need to prepare for the holidays. It’s fun, it’s simple and the game offers decent payouts too. Sure it’s not going to keep serious gamblers as interested as a more complicated video slot game, but there is enough going on to keep most players going for at least a session or two.