Pinata Fiesta Slots

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo or just enjoy a good solid video slot with a classic theme with Pinata Fiesta slots. This slot game is colorful, it’s expressive and it offers some solid prize payouts as well. It’s the type of slot that you’ll at least want to try out, or at least that’s what we thought at first glance. That’s why we fully tested Pinata Fiesta slots to review it for you. Keep reading to learn what we learned.

Bets are Decent

The first thing that we wanted to explore with Pinata Fiesta was the betting options, because we have to place a wager before we can get going. This slot game features a single payline with up to 3 coins that you can wager on it. Those coins have a low value of $0.01 and a high value of $10.00. That means you can wager between $0.01 and $30 on this slot. That’s a decent range to work in for a classic slot game, and it gives gamblers some options to pick and choose from. Serious gamblers might feel a bit limited by the small number of values to pick from though.

The Power of the Sombrero

The best symbol in Pinata Fiesta by far is the sombrero. This little hit symbol is the wild of the slot game and will 2x or 4x the prize value when it’s involved with another one of the prize symbols of the slot. Not only is this little wild a good tool for unlocking decent prizes when combined with other symbols, but it’s a strong tool on its own to unlock the biggest jackpot in the game. Get three sombreros and you’re looking at up to 2,400 coins, or 800 coins for every coin that you wagered on the slot game. That’s a pretty massive top payout, and gives you something to look forward to. Since each coin wagered offers a chance at an 800 coin top prize, there isn’t a strong incentive to wager any particular number of coins, which lets you play at whatever level you are most comfortable with.

There’s a Bonus Game

Pinata Fiesta also comes with a cool little bonus game. This pick the symbol game has you choose between a couple options to try and win the best payout that you can. To get the bonus round you need to get the bonus symbol and to be betting three coins at the time. Once the bonus round starts you’ll be making your choice and hoping for the highest payout that you can get.

Pinata Fiesta uses all original symbols which is refreshing, and it offers enough features to make it one of the more advanced classic slot games that you’re likely to run into. With a maximum payout of $24,000 there isn’t a huge jackpot potential with this game, but there are plenty of good prizes to win and any gambler looking for a decent win should enjoy the experience.