Reel Poker Slots

If you’re a fan of slots and you enjoy playing through rounds of video poker, Reel Poker slots is a good mix worth trying out. This interesting slot game blends features from the two games together into an interesting mix that’s fun for everyone involved.

A Standard Deck for Each Reel

Each reel of Reel Poker slots contains a full deck of cards. That’s right, you’ll see all of the different 52 cards on each of the reels, creating an interesting combination of symbols available with doubles occurring all the time. When you turn the reels you can shoot for some pretty crazy wins, including things like a five of a kind which pays out a whopping 2,000 coins.

Prizes Based on Poker Combinations

The reels of this slot game are covered in standard card symbols, and the prize payouts are awarded based on standard poker combinations, rather than the standard matches that you would typically go for with a slot game. That means you’ll be going for things like straights, a flush, four of a kind, a royal flush, a full house and more while playing through this slot game. A straight pays out a pretty low 13x coin value, while something like a straight flush pays out 2000x your coin value, and a royal flush pays out 10,000 times the coin value.

Generous Free Spins

There’s a really generous free spin bonus round to Reel Poker slots that gives you a total of 30 free spins with a 5x multiplier on each prize unlocked during the subsequent rounds. That’s a huge potential bonus that can result in some massive wins.

Jackpots Aplenty

There are three different jackpots in Reel Poker Slots, giving you some high paying prizes to shoot for each time you turn the reels. There’s a minor jackpot that pays in the hundreds, a major jackpot that pays in the thousands, and a progressive jackpot that pays out an ever growing amount of cash that’s pretty darned impressive. You can unlock any of these jackpots with a lucky spin, but only a 5 coin bet will unlock the progressive jackpot payout, so make sure that you bet big while you play this slot game.

Reel Poker Slots is a cool blend of poker and slot gambling and it’s a lot of fun for just about anyone that’s into poker. If you’re interested in trying slot gambling a different way, there’s a lot to be said for this slot game. Give it a try and it just might become your favorite way to play slots.