Twin Dragons Slots

When dragons make it into the title of a slot game, we know we are in for a terrific time. Does that pan out in the Twin Dragons slot game, we wonder?

If you’re wondering the same thing, wonder no more. We have compiled a full slot game review for you here, giving you some insight into the world of the dragons. Come with us and let’s see where this path takes us.

Who came up with the idea for Twin Dragons?

Rather suitably, we can thank Dragon Gaming for this one. Dragons would seem to be a relevant idea, don’t you think?

Make sure you view the demo first

Dragon Gaming has given us a demo to try, so it becomes much easier to work out how to approach the game by taking it for a spin (or a few). When we loaded the demo, we saw a $1k practice balance to work with.

A dragon-filled theme

Yes, and one that takes us to the Orient too. The game screen has leaves floating across in front of the reels, along with petals. There are cherry blossoms, golden icons, and many other details that give us a sense of the Orient here as well.

So, does this game boast an impressive design?

It does, yes. There are many golden and red elements here, along with other details that make the game pop when you view it. It all looks lovely, honestly.

Getting down to the details: How do we play Twin Dragons?

The first thing to note is the presence of five reels. Three symbols land on each reel when they stop spinning. There aren’t any progressive jackpots here though. The game includes a wild symbol, shaped a little like a column but on its side. It says WILD too. This can replace everything else except for the bonus symbol. That one is labeled and appears as a golden lotus flower with a yin-yang symbol on top of it.

Does this slot game use paylines?

Yes, and there are 10 fixed ones in play for each spin.

Are there plenty of coin values to choose from?

Yes, you can play this as a penny slot if you wish. However, you can also increase your coin value to a maximum of $9, giving you the biggest wager of $90 on a single spin of Twin Dragons.

Select the plus button to reach the paytable

Once you’ve hit the plus button, you can see an info button. Choose that one to reach the complete paytable, where you can read the rules and see all the available icons in play.

What does the bonus symbol unlock?

Free spins, so we’ll come to those in the next section of our review. However, you can expect some wild multipliers to pop up during play. The wild can appear on any reel, and if it helps you secure a prize, it will carry a multiplier related to the reel it appears on. So, a wild on reel two has a 2x multiplier, while a wild on reel five carries the maximum 5x multiplier.

You can also take advantage of spawning wilds. In this case, an expanded wild reel can appear on any of the reels. It appears as a vertical column with a dragon at either end. When this happens, you get some respins relating to the number of reels the wild will move from left to right. So, if it lands on reel one, you get the maximum number of respins. If it lands on reel five, you only get one.

What about those free spins?

You can find three or more bonus symbols in one spin to earn, eight, 10, or 12 free games to play, plus a prize for the triggering bonuses found. You can also trigger more freebies once inside the first set.

Here is the RTP value

This appears in the paytable, near the end, and is written as 96.12%.

Our rating: How good is the Twin Dragon slot?

This is a superb slot, especially with those spawning wild reels that can trigger respins. Throw in the free spins as well and you’ve got a game that gives you some excellent value. This is a 9 out of 10 slot game.

How much could you receive in prizes?

It depends on the symbols you can match. Five of the golden triple-stacked symbols would bring you 300 coins, so this seems a low volatility game to play.

Try the Twin Dragons demo slot first

You can read through the paytable instructions and see which symbols you might find as you play. A few practice spins should give you more info on how those expanding wilds work too.

Play for real if you visit a leading casino today

Several casinos have the Twin Dragons slot ready for you to play for real. Follow our advice and pick one of the best of them all.

You can also play on a mobile device

From smartphones to tablets, they should all give you a chance to play this game while you’re out and about with some time to spare.