Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots

Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots is a game with a classic set up of 3 reels and a single payline. This game went on to get a sequel that was much bigger but this was still kind of the beginning of the line of slot games that mirror all those famous TV shows that involve the spinning of a wheel that awards members of the audience with prizes. The background of the reels involves a starry blue sky with some shiny mist thrown in there but the majority of it is dominated by the great wheel. The game’s coin sizes start at 1 cent and can go as high as 10 dollars. There are 3 bet cases (1 to 3 credits), 7 symbols and 9 winning combinations. The paytable depicts payouts for 1 and 2 bet credits only. Only the highest paying symbol offers a combination for 3 bet credits. When 3 credits are bet the game also offers a number of great features and effects so every player is advised to spin the reels with a maximum number of bet credits.

Individual Payouts on the Wheel

The symbol at the bottom of the paytable is the cherry. One cherry on the reels pays 2 coins for 1 bet credit and 4 coins for 2 bet credits. Two cherries pay 5 coins for 1 credit and 10 coins for 2 credits. The same payouts are delivered by the combination of any three of the BAR-type symbols. The triple cherry symbol combination pays 10 coins and 20 coins for the cases of 1 and 2 bet credits respectively and the exact same amounts are provided by the triple single BAR combination. Three of the double BAR symbols deliver 25 coins for the case of 1 bet credit and 50 coins for the case of 2 bet credits. Three of the triple BAR symbols offer 40 coins when 1 credit is bet and 80 coins when 2 credits are bet. The triple red seven combination pays 80 coins for 1 credit and 160 coins for 2 credits. The highest paying symbol of the game is the diamond. Its triple combination delivers 800 coins with the first bet credit, 1600 coins with the second bet credit and the game’s top prize of 2400 coins with the third bet credit.

Features on the Wheel

As a wild, the Diamond is capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game in order to complete possible winning combinations. When a single wild contributes to the creation of a payout, it will be doubled. When two Diamonds help with a winning combination the payment of it will be multiplied by 4. The only symbol that doesn’t deliver payouts is the Wheel bonus symbol. If it lands on the reels when 3 credits are bet, the bonus feature will be activated. The bonus screen will present the players with the wheel of fortune in full size. Prizes in dollars or cents will be presented on the wheel. Gamblers will need to spin the wheel and earn prizes. You can choose to discard the first prize but then 4 Bankrupt lines will be added and this will happen every time a prize is not accepted. Keep in mind that if the wheel pointer stops at a Bankrupt, the game will be over and the entire prize of the bonus will be lost so think carefully before you discard a prize. However, even if you misfortunately do end up getting a Bankrupt, a small prize will still be awarded just for activating the bonus.

Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots is truly one of the best classic slots ever. It has plenty of features, great payouts, a solid wild and a genuinely thrilling bonus feature.