Winning Waves Slots

There's nothing like a day at the beach, and Winning Waves is a classic slot game online designed to remind players of beachfront fun. The game shows off an oversized wave carrying a group of surfers, and it makes the ocean look like a lot of fun. This classic slot game is intriguing because of its style, and that's exactly why we're taking the time to fully review the game and all that it has to offer.

Gambling Simplicity

There are just three different symbols to keep an eye on in Winning Waves. The sun symbol, the 7 and the BAR symbols will all help you create real money paying prize combinations. Each of these symbols show up frequently and they'll help you start bringing in prize money before you know it.

Multiple Paylines

It's rare to find a classic slot game with multiple paylines, which is why many of them pay out prizes infrequently. That's not the case with Winning Waves though. This slot game has a total of 5 different paylines across the reels, and offers a lot of promise to gamblers looking for frequent wins. You'll be amazed at how often wins trigger on this slot, and the best part is that you only have to place a single wager for all of those different lines.

Winning Big with the Sun

While there are three different symbols that can pay out prize winnings to you, there's really only one that matters and that's the sun symbol. This symbol pays out between 600 coins and 3,500 coins depending on which payline the three symbols fall on. Payline 1 is worth 600 and the value of the lines goes up until you finally reach a prize amount of 3,500 for payline 5. That's a lot of potential cash for you to go for, and as long as you're making a decent bet you could stand to get a lot from the jackpot payout in this slot game.

Leveraging Autoplay

There's an easy autoplay feature in Winning Waves for you to take advantage of as well. This feature makes it quick and easy to set the slot to turn through 50, 100, or even 250 turns so that you don't have to keep pressing the spin button yourself. Simply set the feature to the amount of turns that you want it to take, and it will get started spinning so that you can sit back and relax.

Winning Waves is a pretty advanced classic slot game that offers many more paylines than most classic slots you'll play today. It's a versatile game with a lot going for it and it's well worth a play through. Give the slot a try and you just might be impressed with how frequently it pays out prize money to you.