Trick or Treat Slots

Get ready to celebrate Halloween the right way with Trick or Treat slots. This online slot game caught our eye for it’s beautiful graphics and unique collection of Halloween-themed symbols. From the moment that you start playing the slot you’ll see pitchforks, masks, candy, fake blood and tossed eggs. Each of the symbols is well drawn and create a beautiful looking slot that stands out. That doesn’t mean this slot game is worth playing through, which is why we decided to dig into the game and find out what it’s all about. We weren’t disappointed. Read on to learn more about our experience.

A Minimal Betting Range

Low stakes players will really enjoy the betting range that Trick or Treat offers to gamblers, because there is a lot of variation to work with at the low end of the gambling spectrum. Things get a little disappointing at the high end of the gambling range though. That’s because players can’t wager about $37.50 overall. That’s the highest amount of cash that can be risked on this slot game, and that’s because coin value is locked at a maximum of $0.25. Players can put between 1 and 5 coins on each payline, and there are a total of 30 lines overall, which means players can wager between 1 and 150 coins per spin. With a maximum coin value of just $0.25 the top wager isn’t very large though.

Modest but Frequent Wins

Trick or Treat is an online slot game designed for players that enjoy winning prizes frequently but aren’t looking for huge prize payouts while gambling. That’s because the top prizes paid out really aren’t all that huge. The biggest win that you can get from this slot game is 6,000 coins, which is a pretty modest $1,500 if you have your coin values turned all the way up. That’s not a huge figure at all, and most gamblers aren’t going to go crazy over that amount, but wins are very common and players win the top amount quite regularly. Get five or more Jason symbols and you’ll be unlocking this bonus amount. The next best symbol is the child in the white sheet, which is worth 3,000 coins.

Gamble for More Money

Each time you win a prize in Trick or Treat you’ll have the opportunity to gamble with that money for a chance to double up. This feature lets you double your winnings by guessing at the color of the playing card or quadruple your prize amount by guessing at the specific suit. Win and you’ll multiply your winnings nicely, lose and you’ll have to kiss all your winnings goodbye.

Free Spins Round

Therei s a special free spin round in Trick or Treat the slot game. It’s unlocked by the girl in the red coat symbol. Get three or more of these symbols and you’ll be taken straight to the free spin round of this slot game. From the moment that you start the round you’ll have a good chance to win some free prizes that can really boost your overall winnings. Trick or Treat is a fun Halloween themed online slot game that offers players a chance to win some decent prize payouts. The low coin value limitation keeps prizes from getting too crazy, but there are still plenty of things to look forward to while playing through the rounds of this slot. If you enjoy winning prizes frequently, Trick or Treat could be just the slot game for you.