Butterflies II Slots

Butterflies love gardens and flowers, so it's no surprise to find ourselves in a garden as the Butterflies II slot game begins. Is the garden also filled with potential prizes though? We hope so, but our review will provide you with further details before you play.

A five-reel slot to admire

Yes, there are five reels in play as you begin, with 25 lines to bet on as you go along.

You can play Butterflies II as a penny slot game

If you are familiar with slots from WGS, you might know that they often use one of two sets of betting ranges. They'll either go for a penny to $5 or a penny to $10, and this time they've gone for the latter.

Are there any notable symbols to look for in this game?

There's just one - the cocoon. It appears on the paytable labeled as House. However, a cocoon is where a butterfly grows before it hatches and is released, so we guess that does make sense. It's not a wild symbol, but it can create them, as you're about to see.

How does the cocoon lead to wild symbols in Butterflies II?

The idea is to see if you can spot the House symbol on any of the available spots on the first reel. If this occurs, you'll watch as the butterfly breaks free of its cocoon. It then flies across the reels, and as it does so, it can land on one, and possibly more, of them. Each symbol it lands on transforms into a wild icon. You can then see whether this results in any prizes for you before the game continues.

A beautiful slot with a butterfly to marvel at

Butterflies II is simple enough to play, but the lack of free games might put some people off. The cocoon is the obvious highlight, with the power of the butterfly to create multiple wilds in a spin. Watch out for that and see what you make of the demo version of the slot first. You can then decide whether you like it enough to choose a real wager to play it with. Could this flutter into your collection of favorites?