i-Scream Slots

A skull wearing a Mexican hat (or is that an ice cream cone?) appears to the left of the reels for this slot game. Does that mean you've got a mix of themes here? The main one will reveal itself in a second, but we can tell you that the i-Scream slot has the perfect title! Let's find out what else might be in store for you here.

Have you worked out the theme here?

It's not really to do with ice cream, although you will find a few creamy goodies on the reels of this game. But really, it's Dia de Muertos… that's the theme in action in this slot game.

How to play the i-Scream slot game

We have a six-reel slot here that offers five symbols per reel, so we are clearly playing something a little bit different. One striking symbol is certainly the free spins symbol. It bears those two words and is circular. There is also a demonic looking pumpkin labeled as the wild. Find one of those in every available position and you'll scoop 10,000x your bet.

Paylines and wagers for the i-Scream slot game

The game loads with a 50-cent coin bet in action, but you can reduce this to the minimum one-cent bet if you wish. The game uses a 10x multiplier on your selected coin to give the total spin bet. This is a cluster pays game, so you'll need nine or more identical symbols landing next to or above or below each other to count. No diagonally landing symbols factor into a winning combo.

How to get through to the free spin feature

To be able to reach this round, you need to find three, four, five, or six of the free spin icons. This will bring nine, 10, 11, or 12 free games. However, you could get some more by finding the same quantities again during the freebies. If this should occur, you'll get one, two, three, or four extra spins added to however many you've got left at that point.

As you go through the free games, you'll see the four cheapest symbols gradually removed one by one from the reels. This means the further you go, the easier it could be to find better prizes, since you'll have fewer symbols to look for.

The game also includes spawning wilds, where the reels see random wilds appearing. You can't get this to happen if you unlock a Sticky Win respin though. Sticky Win what, we hear you cry?! Yes, whenever a prize appears, you can watch all the winning icons stick where they landed. Everything else spins again to see if you can improve on the prize. The process carries on until you get a respin that doesn't improve on the original outcome.

Make sure you play i-Scream slots today

The title is superb, the game itself offers way more than you'd think, and the mix of ice cream appearances and the Dia de Muertos theme works beautifully. Try it and see!