Mythical Creatures Slots

Mythical Creatures is a title that immediately suggested various fictional animals and entities. As we loaded the game, we were able to confirm that China was the setting – ancient China, in fact, so that might give you some hints as to what you might meet on the reels of the game. Let’s review it in more detail for you below.

Do we know more about the theme?

It does focus on various mythical creatures from ancient Chinese lore, such as dragons. The graphics also play a key part in making sure the theme comes through on the reels.

How to play Mythical Creatures slots

This is a five-reel game with the usual set of three symbols per reel. Look out for a woman with cat ears as the wild symbol, with WILD in green lettering on top of the icon. She’ll replace other symbols apart from the two we’re about to mention.

The bonus symbol gets its own label too, showing two fish in green and gold. Meanwhile, there is a labeled scatter bearing a face in gold. While it looks human, we found out it’s actually a dragon.

How many lines can you bet on?

There are 30 variable lines in this game. You can place one coin on each of them, with values ranging from a penny each to a dollar each.

Bonus and free spin details for Mythical Creatures

Find three bonus symbols and you’ll reach the Fortune Trail bonus. You’ll see a trail heading away from you with various increasing multipliers on it the further you go. You’re prompted to spin the disc to see how many moves you can make… but try and avoid landing on the collect message, otherwise you’ll end the round. The further you go on the trail, the better your prize. The best one is reserved for the final position by the castle, where a 200x multiplier on your bet is waiting.

Meanwhile, three scatters landing on the reels will unlock the Gong Bonus. You need a gong on each of three individual reels to get this. You’re then invited to strike the gongs to find out how many spins you’ll get, with up to 30 of them available. Expect a 2x multiplier on all prizes as you play.

Play the Mythical Creatures slot game today

This is an awesome slot that looks superb and brings a lot of action to the reels. The title is certainly promising, but you’ll soon see that the game itself is impressive too.